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If anything summed up how out of touch Betfair have become it was surely the tweet that they sent out around 3pm on Saturday afternoon said it all. The site had crashed again (according to Bet Angel this was the third year in a row this has happened just before Cheltenham) and here they were telling us that their newly launched sportsbook was still working! You’ve got to hand it to Ladbrokes for being able to buy Betdaq and at the same time manage to infiltrate the betunfair helpdesk at the same time, as surely no one in their right mind from Betfair would surely think that anyone gives a […]


I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and post something about Betdaq being taken over by the always forward thinking Ladbrokes. Quite how the movers and shakers there will get their head around people actually winning money without instantly shouting “close that account” will be interesting for sure. Actually I lied when i said i was going to post about them as really its just a summing up of whats out their at the moment on the blogosphere which is quite lazy of me but then hey! First off   is Sports trading life with a post entitled 5 reasons you need a betfair account.Theres nothing earth shatteringly new […]

A bit rich…..

A few days off the computer recharging the batteries and nothing much appears to have been going on. Apart from Betfair pissing off a few people but really that nothing new is it? Well actually this wasn’t the standard site crashes on a Saturday afternoon that everyone has come to expect, this was something a bit bigger and unless you have been on the moon you cant have failed to notice that there was a minor incident involving a winning horse being laid at 29’s for millions. There is no point me rehashing what has been written about before so here are some excellent views on it . First of […]

Betfair Guru

As regular readers of the blog will be aware I’m a a paid member of  a couple of monthly  services having investigated and dabbled in a fair few over the last 18 months. Its always a difficult call when your looking at services as finding the right one that fits into your trading style and also, very importantly, the times you are available to actually trade/get your bets on will make a huge difference.  A couple that spring to mind are Matt Finnagans pro x trading club  club that I felt that I couldn’t justify what I deemed to be large one off joining fee (£247) and then a four […]

Weather or not…

If someone had told me a year ago that I could be making a nice tidy sum at 7am on a Thursday morning by paying close attention to the weather forecast then I would have thought they were barking mad. However that’s what happened on  Thursday as the Betfair  price on the draw in the England India 4th test  fell dramatically . This seemed to be a massive overreaction to the forecast predicting  rain in the afternoon (spot on as it happens with 65 overs lost) but the forecast for the next three days was pretty good and the way that India have batted, I feel  the loss of hours […]

Copa(n) ipad

  Not sure if its because they have pissed so many people off through their awful handling of the Premium charges fiasco but those evil people over at Betfair appear to be falling over themselves to give various prizes away at the moment. One that caught my eye immediately was the Copa America doubles multiple offer where you had to place a double on the comp and would be entered into a draw with every one in fifty entrants guaranteed a nifty piece of kit. Sounded nice and easy to sort out so Mrs Blogger and I had doubles on Argentina and Brazil.  If you have seen the always excellent […]

Don’t take a bow son!

Lots of talk in this weeks “blogosphere” about following various different tipsters and the pros and cons about having a varied portfolio whether it be paid for or free. I couldn’t help but laugh therefore when I Looked backed over the headlines for Andy Gray’s last few selections on the betfair blog and found these – Andy’s top-flight tips – Liverpool will lose (1-1 v’s Arsenal) Andy’s FA Cup tips – Back Man U & Bolton No Gray Areas – Man Utd treble is unlikely (he said the Champions league was real problem). Andy’s Wednesday tips – Spurs to triumph (Real Madrid 1-Spurs) Andy’s Monday tips – Liverpool won’t win […]

Masterly timing

When your involved in sports gaming for a living one of the first things you should be doing is noting all the big events in a diary a couple of years in advance and ensuring that you don’t book any holidays etc that clash with the big events that give you a chance of making some serious money. I’m normally quite good in this respect although this week I’ve dropped a serious clanger in that I’ve booked a 5 day golfing break to Florida and as a result will miss the Aintree Festival , the US Masters golf  and the start of the IPL.  I suppose I shouldn’t complain as […]

Glad Vic was there….

Cheltenham. So how was it for you? Not a big horses fan personally but found it all quite exciting which I didn’t really expect. From a personal  financial view point it was a cracker- My best one since records began (that will be since last year then). The number of offers from the bookmakers (especailly on the first couple of days) was excellent and Mrs blogger and I got seriously stuck in. The highlight of the week was undoubtedly  the Cheltenham Gold cup and Victor Chandler offering full refunds if the horse you backed came 2nd or 3rd. With the top four horses all fancied it was a great race […]

“Irish raiders”

      Pretty topical huh? Yep if I was clever I would have deliberately timed this piece for St Patricks day (or as its known here in England “an excuse for all the drinks companies to produce all sorts of tacky Irish themed merchandising to try and promote some Guinness sales”, a snappy title which incidentally they may struggle to fit on a beer mat). The fact is that I’ve been run off my feet making some decent money on all the various offers that bookmakers have been throwing at us – more of that another time. Its a long post so strap yourselves in. Anyway I digress, As […]