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Hooray for the weekend!!

Its weird when you  look forward to the weekend but for completely different reasons to that of everyone around you. Most “normal people” are looking forward to relaxing and doing normal fascinating stuff like going to the garden centre etc (!). We bettors are different and after a week of international football that the perceived wisdom is to stay away from then it represents a welcome return to normality and a busy card (football wise). If your a horses man (not in that sense of the word clearly) then its the start of the flat season and all the excitement that brings. So a really hectic day and one that […]

Back on board the trading bus……

I’ve not got involved in too much trading activity for a while (mainly due to social reasons more than anything else) as I have tried to protect my Betfair bank for Cheltenham, so  I decided to ease myself into it with a couple of  lay the draw trades last night on the Forest/Preston and Blackpool/Spurs games. Turned out to be an interesting night and one that demonstrated  the fine margins that we can encounter in our quest for profit. On the Forest game the market seemed to go into suspension for a long period of time almost immediately after kick off and my “gut feel” just told me to exit […]

Hacked off on Sunday……

Thats what a lot of football traders will have been thinking on Sunday with the word out in the “blogsophere” all a bit gloomy after 0-0 draws a plenty and late goals in other games that will have forced early exits.  I had a day off trading on Sunday so wasn’t so hacked off but literally hacked into by some techy  from eastern Europe  who thinks its funny to fuck up peoples hard work. No real problems caused although it took time to reset various issues and that the reason why you will see the crappy google ad just above which the fuckers inserted and I haven’t got round to […]

Tough times!

An interesting weekend from a betting perspective but first off I must flag up an excellent article and exchange of views on the  Green All Over website.  It talks about “perceived value and is a really good read as always. Ok onto my own tales of doom and it was  testing weekend . Laying the draw was a negative on Saturday as Stokes inability to score in the second half meant that I stayed in the trade and went onto take a decent sized loss. Not too worried as its part of the game that some trades will go against you but I’m racking my brains to come up with […]

thats more like it!

After the chaos of yesterday I decided to be more focused today and looked to concentrate mainly on football. Matt Abraham sent through seven picks and I laid the draw in all of them- its weird putting bets on teams that you have never even heard of but every single one came off so a great result. The two German games that he selected both had goal in the first five minutes so both trades were immediately closed to take the profit.  These picks are not that time consuming as all you really need to do is to lay the draw and then make sure you have some form of […]


The first post for a few days after being away on business and with the return of the premier league plus excellent racing from Newmarket there is lots to go at. The title and the line above were added at around midday and proved to be pretty correct although perhaps a more apt title might have been “bitten off more than I can chew” as I definitely overstretched myself by looking to get involved in both football and racing on a hectic day. First lesson learnt was on the Bet365  feature races on which I had placed 5 back bets that night before- the price had drifted big time on […]

boomtown rats….

…were considered a bit of a one hit wonder band by many and have probably bought houses all over the world on the back of their hit “I don’t like Mondays”. Today that is very much the case as there is very little to get involved in. Football wise the international fixtures are notoriously difficult to predict so I tend to stay away. Racing wise the month of October is always a strange one is its bang in the middle of the two seasons and can throw up some strange results. I’m also away on business Wednesday through to Friday (with some golf thrown in naturally!) so it feels like a […]