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If anything summed up how out of touch Betfair have become it was surely the tweet that they sent out around 3pm on Saturday afternoon said it all. The site had crashed again (according to Bet Angel this was the third year in a row this has happened just before Cheltenham) and here they were telling us that their newly launched sportsbook was still working! You’ve got to hand it to Ladbrokes for being able to buy Betdaq and at the same time manage to infiltrate the betunfair helpdesk at the same time, as surely no one in their right mind from Betfair would surely think that anyone gives a […]


Gene Simmons of eighties “hair rock” band KISS claims to have slept with 4897 women. This has no relevance to betting at all. In other news KISS is an often used acronym meaning Keep It Simple Stupid. I’m guilty sometimes of over complicating matters  (last year I was taking Pete Nordsteds drawmaster selections and backing them in ever increasingly complicated doubles and trebles and trying to lay them as well!!) and its something we probably all do from time to time  in that quest to find an edge.  Sometimes the best ideas are the most obvious.  The following may be an urban myth but my ex boss told me it: […]


Regular readers of the blog will have noticed that I have eased off the golf betting at the weekend recently  and that’s  mainly as I’m not comfortable with the the progressive cut system that is the the Fedex cup along with the fact that I’ve been about on Sundays and don’t like to not be able to trade out of possible  winning/losing  positions (probably much to Steve Palmers disgust!). I did however manage to catch some of the Solheim cup on sky on Sunday and found myself strangely engrossed in what was a great battle that went right to the wire. Mrs Blogger is normally subjected to a barrage of […]

Betfair vs Betdaq

So the debate rumbles on about Betfair and the Premium charge that was introduced this week. I’m about £199k profit away from being effected but guy who thought up this genius idea to piss people off must have had a real “head in his hands” moment a couple of mornings in a row this week when the site crashed. When it did finally start to work after a few hours the horse racing markets were certainly very gappy and although i’m no where near an expert they just looked and felt wrong.   This morning I was in the process of placing my weekly golf bets (from the RP and […]

Betfair Saturday….

Well what can I say ? I’ve resisted using puns such as “Betfair out(r)age”  or “bet(un)fair as my days of hoping to be a tabloid headline writer are long gone (On reflection I still have managed to get them into the first paragraph of this update so perhaps I still secretly yearn for another crack of the whip!). Anyway, I digress so what can we learn from Saturday’s fiasco? Firstly I’m surprised that there haven’t been more comments about it out here in the blogosphere although you could argue that its become such a regular occurrence that people can’t be arsed to type about it on the assumption that there […]

Brave or Stupid?

I  suppose that’s a question that we all ask ourselves from time to time. For me its certainly a question that applies to tomorrow as with Betfair currently “unstable” (that’s being kind) it will take people  with balls bigger than King Kong to trade markets . Good luck to anyone who dares to do so and I sincerely hope we don’t see a “scheduled maintenance bullshit message” at 2pm. I’m not a big fan of watching football in pubs as I tend to get irritated by people around me talking utter bollocks and would much rather watch it at home on a decent screen with all my home comforts. So […]

Betfair Carnage….

….For all sorts of reasons. No betting for me at the weekend as had organised a trip to London village to do the whole tourist thing and rather pleasant it was too.  I was occasionally checking my twitter account just to see what was happening sports wise and noticed that Betfair was up and down like the proverbial whores draws, It will have a taken a brave man to trade while this was going on and if ever Betdaq where going to gain some market share then surely this would be the time but somehow I just can’t see it happening. I await my phone call from Betfair Account manager  […]