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“You cannot be serious”

As  a kid I loved John McEnroe- not only was he an amazing tennis player but he had the attitude to match.  The fact that he was sponsored by Sergio Tacchini made him the envy of every soccer casual the length and breadth of the country. His famous outburst (shown in the featured video section to the right) was unbelievable  at the time and to be fair still is. One of the comedy programmes at the time did a great spoof (features a very young Pamela Stephenson). One of my new years resolutions was 1) Learn and understand tennis trading and this year I aim to get serious  . With […]


For those people who haven’t read the Racing posts golf expert Steve Palmer’s entertaining book “Born to punt”  the above phrase and headline picture will mean nothing at all. The “facespitter” is a bet that Steve dreams of placing one day that will land him so much money that he will be able to spit in his bosses face as he wont need to work for him anymore. This bet would normally be a double of some sorts (and with normal golfing odds this would obviously equate to a nice sum). Quite what Steve’s boss thinks of his impending face full of phlegm is not covered off in the book […]

Betfair Guru

As regular readers of the blog will be aware I’m a a paid member of  a couple of monthly  services having investigated and dabbled in a fair few over the last 18 months. Its always a difficult call when your looking at services as finding the right one that fits into your trading style and also, very importantly, the times you are available to actually trade/get your bets on will make a huge difference.  A couple that spring to mind are Matt Finnagans pro x trading club  club that I felt that I couldn’t justify what I deemed to be large one off joining fee (£247) and then a four […]

Writers Block

Well its been over two weeks since I’ve posted anything up and firstly may I thank my legions of readers for their emails and comments worrying whether I had blown my Betfair bank on a 1.01 shot and I was subsequently hiding from the world. Let me assure you that neither of the events mentioned in the above sentence have happened so Mrs Blogger can rest easy. I’m sure she is the only person that ever reads this blog anyway……… So what’s  been happening? I’ve been busy working on “other projects” (ones that I can tell people what I do for a living without people looking at me like I’m […]