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More of the same……

A tough month for the Racing Post golf picks ended pretty much as it begun- namely without any success and I’m hoping that the luck will turn in time for this weeks Masters. Mrs Blogger is currently trying to get her head around the fact that I will be working all over Easter, the issue here being that her idea of working is not me  sat in front of the TV watching the golf!!! There are lots of offers on at the moment (The best of which are listed here) and I’m in the process of building a nice book on Betfair to take advantage of these and also to […]

Nice French lays

The favourite lays “turned out nice again” this weekend and its the French teams that have turned out to be rather useless with 6 out of 7 odds on favourites getting turned over with Lyon the most inept going off at odds of 1.36. Unusually (apparently) Germany has  seen favourites prosper but with only two weekends of fixtures having been completed it can (and no doubt will)  change. A good start but important that these results are judged in in the long tern rather than isolation.  I was also fortunate in that the two Manchester teams were drawing at halftime and I traded out of these for slight profits and […]

Golf betting….

With the USPGA starting in a few hours (as I write this) I thought that I would pop down a few ideas on golf betting and some of the various tools and techniques that I use  to try and make some profit. 1) Bet on Steve Williams (the caddy). You don’t need to do anything else . He clearly is a genius and I’m never going to ever bet on anyone else. 😉 Ok- so I’m joking as he clearly  is deluded and believes its him playing the game. If you haven’t seen the interview that  he gave after Adam Scott won (Williams carried his bag) then its worth a […]


Affected by something overwhelming, such as disease, trouble, or painful emotion. Ok thats over egging it a bit but Mr  Strickers great performance in the Memorial was another near miss as Matt Kuchar couldn’t quite make enough birdies on the last day to reel him in. A place was secured but at relatively small odds and the same was true in Wales where Anders Hansen didn’t quite do enough to get over the line. Apart from those two places it was a pretty disapointing weekend on the golf front with many of the selections not making the cut. “GMacs” spectacular blow up was not pretty to watch and as he […]

Golf betting

Golf is a sport that ever since I gave up football due to having a pair of knees about 20 years older than the age in my passport I’ve becoming more and more keen on. As a game I find it  constantly challenging and seeing as it normally involves a decent amount of exercise (more so when you have an unerring inability to hit the ball in straight line) along with a few shandies afterwards it takes quite a few boxes. As a betting medium it lends itself perfectly to betfair trading as it can be very volatile when you get into the final rounds of a tournament with odds […]