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Waiting for that bleep.

The one on Futbol24 that alerts you when a goal has been scored. When I’m laying the draw (or doing any sort of football trading) I’m always using their service but I really wish I could customise it somehow  to play something a bit less harsh when a goal goes in.  Something like a “kerching” noise perhaps ?(unless its the underdog who has scored and then it could be followed by some sort of “sigh”?). I’ve nearly completed the 24th day of my “lay the draw ” project when I am aiming to compound daily and double my bank- yep all the stuff that everyone else does. I’ve purposely not […]

Take the plunge?

An interesting few days of activity that has seen my account boosted nicely. I traded a 6 games using LTD at the weekend and would have had a greater return than £61 had it not been for late late goals in the Seville Majorca game on Sunday evening ( in which the dog score first just to complicate matters). I had actually submitted the bet and it was being processed when the last goal went in (I was laying the current score at something like 1.15 for £100 ) and the market was suspended. I also kicked myself (hindsight is a powerful tool that I must pay for the pro […]


Had a day off from football trading on Thursday and Friday as there isn’t really a lot to get involved in so it was a small dabble on the horses as spotted a couple of nice opportunities of horse arbs resulting in a profit of £71.Some of the Australian companies are sometimes a bit slow to move their odds and as long as you don’t take the p**s and hit those lines too often you should be able to keep your account intact. I also managed to back a winner in the Bet365 feature race promotion so a further £45 into the coffers for about two minutes work with the […]

Decisions Decisions…..

I’ve just reread yesterdays blog (accepting the red) and it seems a little “brainless” on reflection. I wasn’t advocating just sitting there and hoping that all games go my way but just pointing out that sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling on games and take an overall view on your nights trading. Tonight was a case in point as I followed Matt Abrahams picks on the Burnley Arsenal and Shakatar games . The one that caused me issues was the Roma game as Basel scored first and the draw (as it does when the “dog” scores first) didn’t move significantly as the market expects the favourite […]

thats more like it!

After the chaos of yesterday I decided to be more focused today and looked to concentrate mainly on football. Matt Abraham sent through seven picks and I laid the draw in all of them- its weird putting bets on teams that you have never even heard of but every single one came off so a great result. The two German games that he selected both had goal in the first five minutes so both trades were immediately closed to take the profit.  These picks are not that time consuming as all you really need to do is to lay the draw and then make sure you have some form of […]


The first post for a few days after being away on business and with the return of the premier league plus excellent racing from Newmarket there is lots to go at. The title and the line above were added at around midday and proved to be pretty correct although perhaps a more apt title might have been “bitten off more than I can chew” as I definitely overstretched myself by looking to get involved in both football and racing on a hectic day. First lesson learnt was on the Bet365  feature races on which I had placed 5 back bets that night before- the price had drifted big time on […]

me and my big mouth

Well after commenting a couple of days ago  on the fact that I had been unable to take advantage of  AP McCoys long losing streak today he had three rides booked at Huntingdon- you can guess the rest ! The second of the three saw him steer home Cruchian which Ihad laid at 10.5 , annoyingly in the extreme! I watched the odds in running and at one stage towards the end of the you could have backed at 15. To further kick me when I was down it was good of the Betfair radio guy to remind me “never to lay McCoy in running as he is a genius” ….. Anyway […]

boomtown rats….

…were considered a bit of a one hit wonder band by many and have probably bought houses all over the world on the back of their hit “I don’t like Mondays”. Today that is very much the case as there is very little to get involved in. Football wise the international fixtures are notoriously difficult to predict so I tend to stay away. Racing wise the month of October is always a strange one is its bang in the middle of the two seasons and can throw up some strange results. I’m also away on business Wednesday through to Friday (with some golf thrown in naturally!) so it feels like a […]

Panning for gold

An interesting day today and again one where I dug a lot but didn’t find anything conclusive hence the title. First off I carried on with the trail of laying the field at 1.5.  13 races and 5 winning trades left me down £7.04. I’m really not sure about this but will carry on so I have a better body of evidence to make my conclusions. I could spend a bit of time just trawling through the Internet but would rather see the evidence for myself. Ap McCoy also had three rides today so I carried on with the trial of laying him. 2 out of3 won (the third was […]

Testing testing…

Well so much for all my talk in previous posts about sticking with a controlled rigid test for the theory about laying the the field in sprints. I decided to “up” the race distance to a 1m6f max (no real reason apart from that was the next race) and bingo!- I had a winning day. 12 races 7 winning 5 losing gave a £17.41 return and although it was pleasing it still feels a bit too much like a “coin toss” to have any sort of long term future. Tomorrow I will be be laying every under this distance and we will then see what happens although it will probably just confuse […]