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Still here…..

When I titled my last blog piece “how soon is now” I didn’t realise that the title could well have been referring to the delay before the next post. It’s been a hectic 6 weeks or so at blogger towers and every time I’ve sat down and thought about posting something I’ve been distracted. To be honest “distracted” is probably a bit of an understatement as Blogger junior arrived at the end of October and as any new parent will tell you it’s a whirlwind from day one. My daughter clearly can’t speak yet although I could have sworn that through all those screams at 3am I heard her say […]

Back with a bang

I realise fully that the featured picture here will mean nothing (probably) unless your one of the UK readership however it just made me laugh in a  “terrible sterotype but still amusing kind of way”.  The Champions League final should be a cracking occasion and with two very good teams will be one to watch (unless that is your wife has booked you to go out for dinner with the “inlaws !”) 🙁 Now I’ve thought about it I realise that the title of this blog could be misread by some people as being connected with the Germans but that not the case (if you didn’t even think about it […]


If anything summed up how out of touch Betfair have become it was surely the tweet that they sent out around 3pm on Saturday afternoon said it all. The site had crashed again (according to Bet Angel this was the third year in a row this has happened just before Cheltenham) and here they were telling us that their newly launched sportsbook was still working! You’ve got to hand it to Ladbrokes for being able to buy Betdaq and at the same time manage to infiltrate the betunfair helpdesk at the same time, as surely no one in their right mind from Betfair would surely think that anyone gives a […]

all quiet on the western front

A relatively quiet week betting wise as I rather unwisely volunteered to take my two teenage nephews paintballing at the weekend with rather predictable consequences – namely my entire body covered in bruises and me looking like i had had a major industrial accident at B&Q! This meant that opportunities to “get involved” were quite limited  although I did manage to get on AP Mccoy and he went on a nice little losing streak (he had a winner at Nass but I avoid Irish races) which means that I’m nicely ahead for the month on that project. Nics Picks fabulous run of  form came to an end as he could […]

Snake eyes a twirling magnet

Odd title for a post. Although perhaps not too strange if you have read the previous post and are anxiously tuning in to see where I am  with my “laying AP McCoy ” project (I really do need to think of a snappy name for it) . Today was belter with AP on Snake Eyes at Kempton in the 1pm race which was sent off at 1.22 and traded at 1.01 for what seemed like an eternity before gettingbeaten .  Next off was “Twirling magnet” in the 2.35 and although this wasn’t quite as well fancied (sp of 5) it was  quite soundly beaten to make for a very profitable  […]

In Steve we trust…

Mr Palmer I should never have doubted you! In my last blog post I had this to say about the Racing Post golf man: Onto the Racing Post golf and this week there are no less than 4 tournaments being played this week and as a result Steve Palmer went a bit mad and advised bets with a value of 50 points- GULP! There were plenty of big picks on big names with the standout one being a six point win on Adam Scott (who is 3 shots back at the half way stage ) but to be honest I’ll be pleased to just get my money back this week […]

Tough times!

An interesting weekend from a betting perspective but first off I must flag up an excellent article and exchange of views on the  Green All Over website.  It talks about “perceived value and is a really good read as always. Ok onto my own tales of doom and it was  testing weekend . Laying the draw was a negative on Saturday as Stokes inability to score in the second half meant that I stayed in the trade and went onto take a decent sized loss. Not too worried as its part of the game that some trades will go against you but I’m racking my brains to come up with […]

Waiting for that bleep.

The one on Futbol24 that alerts you when a goal has been scored. When I’m laying the draw (or doing any sort of football trading) I’m always using their service but I really wish I could customise it somehow  to play something a bit less harsh when a goal goes in.  Something like a “kerching” noise perhaps ?(unless its the underdog who has scored and then it could be followed by some sort of “sigh”?). I’ve nearly completed the 24th day of my “lay the draw ” project when I am aiming to compound daily and double my bank- yep all the stuff that everyone else does. I’ve purposely not […]

The rain in Spain…..

… falls mainly on the golf course that we had booked. Back from the annual trip and the fact that we were rained off on Saturday meant that I managed to be able to watch all of  the Man United  goal fest against Blackburn.  Blackburn just had an absolute shocker and when you let a goal in after 72 seconds at Old Trafford you are always going to struggle. Happy days for anyone who backed a certain Bulgarian to be the top premiership striker- remember this was a man who was dropped from the squad last week after being dire against Aston Villa! He was 50’s at one point and […]

Take the plunge?

An interesting few days of activity that has seen my account boosted nicely. I traded a 6 games using LTD at the weekend and would have had a greater return than £61 had it not been for late late goals in the Seville Majorca game on Sunday evening ( in which the dog score first just to complicate matters). I had actually submitted the bet and it was being processed when the last goal went in (I was laying the current score at something like 1.15 for £100 ) and the market was suspended. I also kicked myself (hindsight is a powerful tool that I must pay for the pro […]