The secret art of getting on

A follow up to the last post about Hugh Taylor and the difficulty of  obtaining the prices that are quoted in the column.

On Saturday 14th April a selection was posted at 10am (Secret Art)- the advised odds were 22/1 .

By 10.02 Ladbrokes and Hills  had cut their prices to 12/1.

Stan James had gone to SP while they panicked.

If anyone had got on in that 120 seconds then fairplay to them but your account would surely have been marked.

This is an extreme example but again is posted as a warning to anyone who thinks that blindly following Hughs selections without considering what the implications of the prices taken could be in serious bother.

In other news well done to Jeremy Chapman for correctly calling the winner on both Tour golf events this weekend. Not the biggest of prices but the call and rationale behind them was spot on.