Racing certainty

So it is indeed “Ta-ra Fergie ” although Pete Molynuex’s famous banner has taken 23 1/2 years longer to come true than he originally intended. I was at the game in December 1989 along with 33513  other sadists and its true to say that if we had all had a spare bedsheet on us then there may have been a few more scribbled on. The football United were playing at the time was pretty dire and losing to an average Crystal Palace 2-1 at home was, for many, the final straw. Probably one of the few things that may have saved Fergie from further fan abuse is that in the late 80’s Manchester was becoming quite well known for other “interesting activities”  so many of the younger element may have been distracted or feeling like loving people.   😉

It was interesting listening to some of the phone ins about his departure with some fans saying they had been crying. Wow . Grow some balls . If  you had said to any Liverpool fan in 1990 that they wouldn’t win another league title for twenty years (and for the foreseeable future) you probably quite rightly would have been locked up and the same could quite easily happen to United now. The problem with today’s social media is that it gives every man and his dog the platform to air his views (no mattered how ill informed and yes I do realise that I’m doing the same thing). David Moyes will be up against it from the start trying to win over the idiots who have never seen a game, yet manage to make their views known on nationally broadcast radio shows and therefore are seen to represent  the views of the fans.

Lets make this clear, Jose Mouriniho was NEVER going to be the manager of United and anyone who seriously believed so clearly has no understanding of the club. Don’t get me wrong, the  special one is indeed just that, he would have come in , won some silverware , probably have taken United to the next level in Europe and then upset a lot people and left. United’s award of a  6 year contract to David Moyes  shows that they are thinking long term and lets hope  that he gets the chance to reward that faith. Talking of Jose- its pretty much a “given” that he will become the next Chelsea manager and if he does return then I  think the price on them to win the title next year is too big. Certainly the exchanges think so as there is a considerable sum available to lay at 3.9 and the major bookmakers are slightly bigger than that……

Last word on United, imagine being a fan who bought two decent hospitality tickets for the West Brom in November thinking that the game may be decided that day and a possible award of a trophy. Imagine being that same fan when United then won the league and their form tails off so much that that last game of the season will be pretty meaningless and played by bit part players. Imagine being that same fan when the news breaks that that game is Ferguson’s last ever game and has taken on historic importance and you realise that you will be there to pay your respects and say thanks.  Personally Ive had some great times watching United with four sunny days in May 1999 being the absolute highlight which I don’t think will ever  ever be topped. SAF- Thanks for the memories.

Talking of Barcelona and  racing certainties here’s a nice piece on the Spanish Grand prix this weekend which always throws up lots of  opportunities as the bookmakers frantically try to keep up with events on (and sometimes off) the track.

Alonso won’t win the Spanish GP

He may be a former F1 champion but Fernando Alonso has historically struggled at his home Grand Prix and this year it looks like he faces his biggest challenge yet.

The 31-year-old currently sits fourth in the Drivers’ Championship, 30 points behind leader Sebastian Vettel and chasing both Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton. Next week F1 heads to Barcelona for the Spanish GP and Alonso, desperate to get a second win under his belt this season, is one of the favourites to claim top spot.

Sadly, the competition on show is like no other he has faced before. In the past, Alonso has struggled at his home GP because of a poorly performing car or genuine opposition during the race.

In 12 previous Spanish GPs he has finished second four times and won once in 2006. Last season he placed second behind Pastor Maldonado, in 2010 behind Mark Webber, 2005 Raikkonen and 2003 Michael Schumacher.

His frustrations at not winning in front of a home crowd are clear each time he fails and this weekend he will probably suffer that same fate. For Alonso has to contest with three major challengers from three different teams this year – something he has never encountered before.

The Red Bulls are leading the way while both Lotus and Mercedes have improved over the winter break and Alonso’s Ferrari garage are only just keeping up with rival advancements.

Even his own team mate Felipe Massa is not too far behind in the Drivers’ standings while Webber – notoriously poor in Barcelona – is also in with a shout this season.

Sports betting fans wanting to stay safe this weekend should back Vettel and Alonso to claim a podium place, although winning the GP may be too much for the pair of them. Raikkonen is due a second victory of the year after impressing in Australia and, with two career titles at Barcelona, is a good outside bet to claim a third.