Palmers back (and for once the Racing post are sensible!)

A superb result at the weekend with Matteo Manassero landing a 66/1 bet for the racing posts Steve Palmer at the BMW Wentworth. I had genuinely thought that it was going to be a blank weekend for the RP man as a few of his picks flattered to deceive. Francesco Molinari was going really well and was leading until a  blow up around the turn on the third round (dropping 5 shots in five holes) saw him always  struggling to get back into contention. Paul Casey was another who was going really well (was seventh) until he completely ran out of steam on the back nine of round two and carded a 78.   Interestingly Palmer continues to keep faith with Mr Casey this week which is the 4th time in 6 weeks .Hmmmm.

Despite this great success it was good to see that the Racing Post didn’t go over the top with their promotion of the golf picks  this week. Normally a 66/1 winner would be the perfect excuse for some tub thumping and  banner headlines aling the lines of “BANG IN FORM” and “ANOTHER WINNER FOR PALMER” so it was nice to see some restraint for a change. Talking of restraint it may seem odd that after having a nice big priced winner this week I’m going to ignore Steve Palmers advice but thats exactly what I’m going to do this week. When back in March Palmer recommended a 3 point bet on Tiger Woods for the WGC at 13’s  it made sense with the rationale at the time being that Woods was far too big a price. Fast forward almost three months and with Woods in decent form (certainly at tracks where he has a good record) Palmer has recommended a  5 point bet this weekend at short odds. This isn’t for me and I’d rather take my chances elsewhere. Woods could well romp home but the risk /reward just  doesn’t feel right.

I said at the start of the season that I would try to be a lot  more methodical on recording the relative success of the golf bets and the following make interesting reading (I hope). They are from the the start of  February  (January was a losing month but Idont have the specific detail) and they don’t include the weekend before last when I was on holiday, so I  have no idea how the selections performed , however unless there was  flurry of winners and placed bets the results below should be a good indicator.

PGA Tour:  79 bets 1 winner (Woods!) , 5 places . -100 points

EUROPEAN TOUR: 49 bets 3 winners , 6 places , +140 points.

Draw your own conclusions from that but the one thing that really surprised me there was the big difference in the number of bets on the tours.

Now onto more serious matters and the shocking news about the murder of a Andrew Iacovou, a member of staff in a Ladbrokes in Morden South London. I went to school around the corner from the shop so am quite familiar with the area and although its not exactly Kensington high street it does go to highlight just how “moody” some of these premises can be and I for one would not want to be working in them on my own late at night.

If your one of the many readers of this blog who “sharb” then you might want to stop by this page and perhaps make a donation to the fund set up to support the murdered mans wife (who is terminally ill) and his two children. Tragic