Keep the faith

Came back from yesterdays course full of ideas about various strategies. One was laying the field at 1.5 in sprints with the rationale being that in a close race you only need two to get matched and you had a profit. I did this for £10 stakes for 11 races and so far the results have been disappointing in that only 3 races returned a win and I’m therefore £27 down. If I learnt anything useful from today it was that you always should try out new ideas with very small stakes . I’m not sure what a good size sample would be but at a potential £5 loss per race its […]

To gamble or to bet?

Today was an early start as I had been invited by Betfair to attend an advanced Sports trading course. The invite had arrived about 4 weeks ago just as I was thinking that it was time to really get serious about the sports trading side of things. When the email arrived I decided it was fate and immediately signed up. I was first to arrive and the offices at Centaur trading  were very impressive , I was a bit concerned when I was told that today was the first course of its kind as Guinea pig with a 6am start is not what I like. In fairness the course was […]

Run off my feet!

This is quite a long post as it was quite a busy day and also lots of offers/services that I haven’t yet mentioned. Firstly Paddy Power mailed us both to say that that hadn’t heard from us for a while and would we like to take advantage of an exclusive “welcome back offer”, thought that this was bit strange as we had bet on their correct score offer yesterday but got involved anyway. The offer was a max £50 refund (each) on all the usual markets if there were more than 3 goals in the Scunthorpe Manchester United game later- This was always going to happen so backed and laid a 0-2 […]

The second time around

Well I suppose the first thing to say is that I’ve made it back for day two and have been quite looking forward to writing this update all day- now I’m sat here I’ve got writers block! Spent a good hour today watching some more of the Trading Football Videos and think I have understood enough to get involved in some light trading tomorrow night so more of that then- as I said previously the videos are excellent and combined with the chat room should make for a good experience- I suppose the real question is will I be satisfied with small stakes while I’m learning? Lets hope so. Nice […]

First post

So this is the first of what I hope will be hope will be many posts and I’m all too aware that the average life of a blog is about 60 days. At that point apparently people get fed up with posting and the regularity of the posts becomes less frequent. So whats going to be different here then? I think firstly I ought to set some goals for myself and use these as a remainder to refer back to when I’m struggling to keep going and losing focus. So what am I trying to achieve? Posting every day that I’m in front of my laptop shouldn’t be that difficult. […]