Open for Business and Undercover Sharbing

Mrs Blogger thought that I was mental when I set the alarm  for 5.30am on Thursday morning in order to have a look at the Open prices but due to work commitments I hadn’t been able to have a look at the market and there are always some good opportunities to be had with early morning prices moves. This turned out to be exactly the case and although it meant it was an extremely long day lets hope its was worthwhile. I’ve  managed to get all  of the leading contenders “onside” for varying sums with no risk although it could obviously turn out to be a waste of time if they don’t keep up the good work and with winds forecast for Sunday I think there is a long way to go yet.. With all the rush to get the British Open bets  sorted out I kept putting off placing the Steve Palmer Racing post picks although looking at the field it did feel very third rate- I eventually ran out of time so you can guarantee that the likes of Blake Adams, Chris Kirk and Luke Guthrie will rip the course up  as they were the selections.

The Paddy Power undercover boss programme was quite interesting and for me the highlight was an arber who was clearly doing multiple shops in one day and had visited this one in a disguise to allow him to get his bets on. You can see him  in the below video at approx 27 secs in with the betting slip in his mouth. I also had to laugh at the “reward” for the bloke who wanted to be a trader at the office 5 minutes down the road, ” Go to Australia for 3 months” . Don’t think you quite heard him right there paddy ! 😉