No mildly witty title…..

….For this post as its a bit of a “mash up” (as the yoof would say) of a few different things.

First off an appeal- Does anyone know where Mark of horseracingtraders disappeared to? He packed up his main site as he moved back into the corporate world,  and was occasionally blogging whenever he dabbled in trading at the weekends. I was a member of his service (which looked superb) and this week thought I would reacquaint myself with  the videos on the site , only to find that unfortunately it  has been taken down. If anyone can let me know Marks new blog or twitter account  so I can get in contact with him it would be hugely appreciated.

Next up its a plug for the latest edition of the trend report from the guys over Sports trading life. Covered this month are tennis cricket and football , and whats interesting here is that there aren’t actually hard and fast strategies that you can follow, just detailed analysis on the actual markets. This is very useful if you trade in those particular markets and want to look at some of your ideas . Well worth the admission money in my opinion. Ben has also been running a series of posts called “before betfair”  that make for very interesting – definitely worth a read.

Next up is  the site over at the football analyst. This is a service that Ive signed up for for the coming football season and Graeme who runs it has been fantastically helpful. Its a secret betting club “hall of famer”  so there’s an element of security there as you know that you aren’t going to be subjected to all sorts of bullshit claims about performance as all the results over the last couple of seasons have been proofed. I will say that its an extremely in depth service with a multitude of different options and you will have to do a fair amount of research up front to understand how you want your portfolio to look  so, while Graeme is always massively helpful, if you are looking to be “spoon fed” its probably not for you.

Incidentally ,just for the record, Im not linked in any way to either of the above sites I just think they are rather good.

Lastly the football season is nearly upon us and for those that like that sort of thing its fantasy football time. This is something Ive done for a few years now but only last year did I enter the  official one run by the Premier league. The great thing about this is its absolutely free and you can enter multiple leagues. Time wise its not too demanding  as the transfers you make to your team apply to all your entries so you can be in 15 (I think?) different competitions  with your one team. I’ve managed to make that sound far more complicated than it is ..

Anyway Ive set up a league cunningly called and you will have to enter a code which is 292607-82475.

My plan here is to get a decent amount of entries and then go around the various different bookmakers with a begging bowl  to see if they are willing to sponsor it in return for frequent name checks on the blog. I will personally put up a £100 prize for the outright winner at the end of the season to kick things off. Unlike certain other websites whose leagues I won last year Id like to think I will actually pay the prizes without having to be sent various emails but I’m sure Darren is busy and will get round to it ;-).  Obviously the bookies will only be interested in the sponsorship if there are a decent amount of entries so join up and lets see if we can get a decent prize. Don’t worry to much about the actual players in your team at the moment as you can make unlimited transfers upto the start of the season – just use auto complete and pick your proper team nearer the season once Man United haven’t bought any big name midfielders that the press have linked them with..

Thinking about it the witty title should have been “my fantasy”…….