No LoveMark!

Jason Lovemark stopped the winning run of the Racing Posts Steve Palmer at the weekend when his 1.5ew 80/1 pick managed to get himself into the lead on Sunday night before making a few double bogeys and bottling it.

Despite that setback it was another great weekend of golf betting with Jeremy Chapman coming to the party in the form of Jason Duffner  winning at 40/1. Duffner battled it out with David Lingmerth who was a 70/1 selection from Nics picks so it made for very comfortable and enjoyable viewing and meant that Lovemark was soon forgotten about.

Bryan who runs NicsPicks is constantly altering his staking pattern and ideas in the search for improvement and this year is just slightly in profit despite not hitting winners – this is down to the quality of his selections further down the field where he is very astute at finding value (Martin Piller was 28/1 to finish in the top twenty and would have done so if it was not for a brain freeze on the 72nd hole)

Bryan is also starting to keep a trading diary and its well worth a look if your interested in the multiple  opportunities that golf throws up . Here is the link.

One of my friends is constantly taking the piss of my golf betting exploits as he reckons that I’m always going to have winners given the amount of selections I have following three services. I’ve got to admit that it does sometimes feel that when I’m sat here trawling through the prices trying to get my umpteenth bet on, however (touching lots of wood here), so far so good and in the main the three services I follow don’t tend to overlap too much.

Last years overall profit following the three services was a very pleasing 290 points so it feels like the balance is about right ( we are sitting plus 70 for the season so far) .

Bearing mind that one of the services is free at the moment (although I suspect and certainly wouldn’t  object if Nicspics was going to move to a pay model) and the other two are the cost of buying a 2 newspapers once a week this is a very good return. I mention this as I received an email from the otherwise excellent Secret Betting Club with an embarrassing sales pitch for a golf tipster that made all sorts of claims and was trying to flog me a subscription for something like 40 a month . The nail in the coffin for me was a line something like “the bookies know this guy is good so will shut your accounts down – that’s the proof ” – I’m  paraphrasing hugely there but the bookmaker in question was Stan James who once shut one of my accounts down after having 4 bets so its hardly a badge of honour guys is it?

Finally its always good when you discover something new fresh and exciting (even though as it turns out they have been around for a while), and as a 40 something indie music lover its very easy with services like Spotify to get very lazy and listen to the same things every single day. I’m seeing the Foals soon and I cannot wait- should be an absolute belter of a night.