Nics Picking them!

Who is this young chap I hear you ask? Well its none other than Bryan Nicholson whose twitter profile states:

Freelance football and golf writer; Sports bettor, trader and editor of Nicspicks betting blog. Columnist for Unibet and Matchbook Media.

First off I don’t know why someone who is called Bryan would call themselves “Nic” but quite frankly I don’t really care. (Edit- Bryan contacted me and its embarrasingly obvious: Bryan Nicholson). What I do care about is golf profit and “Brynic”  is delivering wheelbarrowfulls (Hang on a minute have I just  invited a new word?-I think I may have!) of the stuff.  His record before this weekend was an amazing  163 points profit year to date . That’s not a typo and here is the link to the spreadsheet to prove it.

What’s probably more impressive about this is that its not a subscription service. That’s not a typo either! Yep you just have to register with the site and make a suitable donation and you will receive the selections earlier than the mere mortals who log into the site. If you are a regular follower of this  blog you will know that getting on prices early with the golf is absolutely essential as the value tends to get cut very early . So why haven’t I mentioned this new golfing messiah (ok perhaps that’s a bit over the top) before?

Well the reason is ,  is that sometimes I have a tendency to try and over complicate things so I  did that with these selections. My rationale was that I was already straight betting Steve Palmers Racing Post  selections every week (and very successfully last year) so I  didn’t want to really double my possible exposure for every tournament ,  backing ten selections every week was in my mind overkill . My cunning plan therefore was to back these on Betfair and lay progressively at shorter prices (I  think I settled on 65% of original odds) to give myself some nice green on the overall book.  Fast forward a few weeks and you can see from the above spreadsheet that the winners have been flying in. Basically my ability to meddle with things has meant that instead  of that beautiful 163 points profit I was up about 10 points. This was also hindered by the fact that the 80/1 Chris wood winner was while I was abroad and didn’t realise the tournament started a day early!

Im not affilated in any way shape or form to Nics Picks but I do  pride myself on finding value  and this is certainly that.

Here’s the website link    and if your on twitter its well worth following as well. Good luck and hopefully I haven’t put the mockers on these by telling everyone about them!


This post was written in stages over the weekend and my god what a weekend it turned out to be. Nic’s Picks  managed to find a 40/1 winner in the South Africa Open and no fewer than three  placed golfers in the Northern Trust Open over in the States. Not to be out done the Racing Post also called the winner Darren Fichardt and also found the second place Van Zyl. It sounds ungrateful but at one point it looked as if it was going to be even better as Brazillian Da Silva threw away a place position in Africa by shooting 73/76 on the final two days!

So an unbelieveable weekend (my best ever ) with 97 points of golf profit added. Said it lots of times previously that Golf betting can be very “lumpy” but its ceratinly nice to have that profit in the bank early on in the season!