Moron alert

Well it appears that my blog is not only read by my Mum as it attracted a nice bit of abuse on a message board on Friday . The blog is posted up in one of the sections there but I didn’t realise that by doing that I forced people  to read it. As that’s the case perhaps I should just start  inserting  random subliminal messages then… (sendmecashsendmecash) .

I’m not afraid of a bit of criticism so I’ll post them up here, they are from someone who calls themselves “pokergod” (clearly someone with a low opinion of themselves).

anyone else think that clown’s blog can be a bit moronic? he seems to think it’s funny to constantly rip into bookies… look at his most recent post about FA cup offer, you can get an arb on the outright winner, entitling you to a £200 SNR on a non-prem team. he describes it as shite and yet by his own data two of the past seven finals have seen a non-prem team in them. if you had £200 at 50s on a champ team, that is a £10,000 return. could have locked in well over £1k on both of those years.

Not sure that I’m constantly “ripping into bookies at all” but if you do hear of Carl Leaver ringing into work to cry off through stress then yep its me who caused it.

Not done, the almighty one then had this to say:

he needs to focus on the interviews with bookmaker employees. not his inane nonsense about something he clearly doesnt understand.

Excellent advice- I’ll  write want other people want me to. I’ll apply for a job with Syrainese government as a PR exec? Failing that perhaps I’ll publish an interview with Hugh Taylor from ATR in the next few days which I hope he will approve of?(sendmecashsendmecash) .

Talking of me “not understanding” I ceratinly didnt understand this……

same with his supermarket analogy from one of his earlier points, he got himself very confused and started arguing the wrong way for a bit

Here is the post in question which while not being worthy of a booker prize certainly wasn’t that bad (what do I know?).

Finally when I caught up with him/her I had this :

yeah, i have read most of the posts. good for you having a go, bad for you it being broadly rubbish. some interesting stuff there though, stick to interviewing interesting people would be my advice.. less of your opinion. but your blog, your choice

Excellent to be informed by “God” that I  have a choice. 😉 (sendmecashsendmecash) .

If the almighty wants to see a blog that is post by someone that perhaps doesn’t know quite what they are talking about perhaps try this one.  There have been a few comments on it that I would agree with- if you cant be arsed to read the couple of pages (not word heavy!) then here are those great “tips” that he advises placing  but I really hope the person writing the blog isn’t backing their massive odds on selections with big money.

NBA – Miami Heat to beat Indiana Pacers@ odds of 1.27 W
NBA – Orlando Magic to beat the Washington Wizards@ odds of 1.1  W
NBA – Dallas Mavericks to beat Phoenix Suns@ odds of 1.26 W
NBA – New York Knicks to beat Charlotte Bobcats@ odds of 1.14 L
NBA – Chicago Bulls to beat the Atlanta Hawks@ odds of 1.22. W
NBA – Oklahoma City Thunder to beat Portland Trailblazers@ odds of 1.51. L
NBA – LA Lakers to beat Houston Rockets@ odds of 1.33.  W

Betting £100 a  game you would be down £82 so far. Hmmmmmm .

Anyway who am I to criticise?- I’m a moron who knows nothing- just ask God……..

(Edit – this post was written on Friday evening since when its moved on a bit with the above “super tipster” with Cassini  wading in here and here .  A good read.


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