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After my last post (which incidentally I’m not going to say any more about but thanks  for the comments!) caused a bit of stir I thought I would post up the dictionary definition of Moron.



Informal . a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment.


Psychology . (no longer in technical use; considered offensive) a person of borderline intelligence in a former and discarded classification of mental retardation, having an intelligence quotient of 50 to 69.

The bold is my own and  certainly applied to myself when I was using the excellent “Shirley” PMT tool at the weekend . Having put some nice £100 trades into various correct score market places I was caught out by the fact that one of the games was just about to start and the trade hadn’t quite moved in the direction that I wanted. The fact that this score was 0-0 meant that I had no margin for error and I decided to take my medicine (not all trades will go your way),  however before I could do this Udinese scored in the first minute meaning I had lost all my £100 stake. Not good

To them make matters worse almost exactly the same thing happened in the Bastia Sochaux game. This time the trade was on 1-0 to the home team and the target was just about to be reached when a goal was scored in the first minute by Bastia . Scoring so early in the game meant that the 1-0 odds moved well out and the trade was effectively dead (finished 4-1). Not good at all.

So £200 down on trades which is never going to be easy to claw back  (I managed to make about £75 including some nice profits on the Manchester derby- there is s video on how to do it properly below). Two lessons learnt here 1) Never go in play- sods law will bite you in the arse and 2) I didnt understand how to green up on the Geek (in bold so when I read this back I kick myself again) . I had somehow managed to change the settings meaning the greening was hidden  but really quite embarrassing and a very costly lesson. Having the ability to “red up” both of these trades seconds before the game went in play would have saved me in the region of  £180. Suffice to say I’ve reread the user guides and know how to do it now!

Elsewhere it was an excellent start  to the season for golf bets as Steve Palmer in the Racing Post successfully tipped Louis Oosthuizen (short price but 5pts) and just missed out on a nice double as Martin Laird didn’t quite have enough to hunt down Steve O in Hawaii. A nice place  return there and a solid start to the season as  I thought I was doomed when the other pick Rory Sabbatini managed to turn up 20 seconds late for his tee off  time and incur a two shot penalty!

Finally I had my annual mug bet on the FA Cup and thought Sunderland looked value at 50/1 . I’ve backed them each way as,  with a bit of luck in the draw and Martin O’Neil keen to make a good impression I think they could go far. After beating Peterborough and the getting Middlesborough  at home in the next round the odds have come in to 22.  I’m now wishing I had put Moore on. 😉