Lucky (Chap)Man

An absolute belter of a tune that still sounds as good today as it did on release in 1998 (a good year for discovering new stuff I seem to recall). Nothing to do with betting apart from the fact its a reverential nod towards a certain Mr Jeremy Chapman who rather inexplicably didn’t manage to get a mention in my last post . 118 points profit in a month is some going and that’s exactly what he has managed to do in a spectacular month.That’s not luck its skill.

38 picks giving 4 winners ( two at 33/1) and 7 places is top top work coming from a service that is to all intents and purposes free ( ok its the cost of a newspaper). I’ve definitely been helped by getting the paper delivered and getting the prices around 8am on a Tuesday morning. Mr Chapman delivers similar picks sometimes to Steve Palmer in the Racing Post  with the difference here being that Palmers choices get absolutely hammered in by the bookies on a Wednesday morning so you are losing a lot of value.

The farce of my cricket trading carried on this week with my inability to read my diary and realise that India and South Africa were scheduled to play another test match . No position meant that the inevitable happened and it was over in  flash (3 days) although that disappointment was rescued somewhat by England’s great performance in the last T20 and taking it to a super over. With Betfair voiding all bets but bookmakers settling on the final result , its a VERY rare  occurrence, but if you’ve managed to get some decent amounts on at long odds you are left with some very nice arbs if you wish to lock in some profit and thats your bag. Irish bookmakers were very keen to take on Pakistan just as “Boom  Boom” Afridi got going and I was lucky enough to get them onside .

Talking of Irish bookmakers Paddy Power hit the spot with this brilliant piece of marketing . I’ve copied it in full and hopefully they wont sue me .

Have you heard of Black Friday? You know that name that sounds either racist or like it’s part of some grizzly episode of ethnic cleansing? Yeah – that’s the one!

Well, it’s not about racism or ethnic cleansing, it’s actually about retail outlets selling off the crap that they priced too highly during the year just in time for getting all the over-priced Christmas stock in offering their valued customers once a year bargains because that’s exactly how business works.

At Paddy Power, we don’t really have old useless stock that no-one else wants. Well, apart from the Marketing Department. But that won’t stop us giving in to the eventual Americanisation of our culture and inevitable bowing down to future Global Emperor President Donald Trump and going along for the ride. And instead of calling it Black Friday, we’ve had a really big brain storm and decided to call it Green Friday! Because we love green! And it’s on a Friday! Yeeeehhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!!

Personally I loved the bit about the “Americanistaion of our culture” Since when did an end of school disco becoming a fucking prom?

(Incidentally the best comment I heard about Black Friday was from a retail analyst who said ” golden rule -If its in stock its out of date”.

So it was with eager anticipation that I tore myself away from buying half price 28 inch  teletext tv’s for one hundred pounds and eagerly awaited the Paddy Power boosts. The first one on the site was a three way (poss four) accumalator  at odds of 3/1 ( it was certainly value) . I was allowed 10p. Ten fucking pence . To win 3op pence .It would be nice to think that someone in paddy towers might have a word with the traders and ask them to grow some balls to back up the marketing mouth but sadly that’s not going to happen as who really cares?.

On a final note some of my more pedantic readers tend to get stressed about some of my occasional  poor grammar so I do  hope that this is of the required literary standard. 😉