Karlsberg dont do arbs….

…..But if they did then then one on Rikard last week at the Italian Open would surely be one of them. He was availible for a short while at 50 to back with lay money at 20 available . I can only think that the exciting finish to the event (with at one time it was looking like an 8 man play off) meant that it somehow got missed by trading teams . Made for an enjoyable afternoons golf. 🙂

Not quite as exciting over in the states with Jeremy Chapman’s pick making it “another Day another dollar” with relative ease however it was a small stakes bet . Little bit annoying that Jim Furyk retired after only 6 holes with a wrist injury as he was the main pick for JC and also had been flagged by Bryan over at Nicspicks. Bryans tweets are always worth looking out for as they  give you advance notice of when the selections are likely to be posted up on the main sheet and he posted an interesting point ( tweet was subsequently deleted unless I dreamt the whole thing) about the First round leader market. It seemed that the odds compilers had simply put them in Fed Ex Cup points order and not done any sort of research- 66/1 on 4 places in a 30 man field seems good value to me and I’ve tucked into a few at the bottom .

Couple of near misses for the Racing Posts Steve Palmer this week but hes lagging way behind the other two golf tipsters followed here and hope that the RP are paying him well and that his not relying on his golf betting income to support his expanded family!

Hugh Taylor is having an absolute belting month and while I’ve not been able to get all the advised prices (an over talkative postman causing me to miss one!) the double digit winners have been coming thick and fast – it will be interesting to see what the official results say when posted on the ATR website however i wouldn’t be surprised if they are north of 30 points profit.

Lastly the football is back and Stewboss has started well. Ive dropped Graeme Dands service as just felt it was just a case of too much activity for not enough (any) return.Watch that one break all known records now!

Not the most interesting of posts (a bit results orienatated) and we know how the king of bloggers hates those ;-).