But that joke isn’t funny anymore

It’s too close to home/ And it’s too near the bone
It’s too close to home/ And it’s too near the bone
More than you’ll ever know …

Kick them when they fall down/ Kick them when they fall down
You kick them when they fall down/ Kick them when they fall down

Belting track by the Smiths. Relevance to all things gambling? Zilch. Relevance to the blog…..

Read with interest a post this week on the Green All Over blog where Mr Cassini decided to have yet another pop at Mark Iverson in a piece called Soccer in play. I won’t go into the full details here as I’m assuming everyone who reads this blog is fully capable of clicking on a link but the jist of it is that Mark has a free app that he developed himself and Mr C is having a go at it.  In a free society there is obviously  nothing wrong with this and it encourages good debate but it just feels like a bit of an “attack”, as these two have previous  as “Affiligate” rumbled on for what seemed like an eternity. That one revolved around whether or not having affiliate links on your blog compromised your journalistic integrity. Here are just some of the belters that that thread contained:

I guess the crux of the matter for me is that by maintaining some distance from any sponsors, my ability to write impartially isn’t compromised. I think once you lose that, and write artificial sentences just to get the names of your sponsors in, then your right to be seen as an impartial writer is gone.


If I enter into an agreement with any advertiser to allow them links on my blog, then clearly any comments I make about them in the future are influenced by this relationship.

The whole thread is quite entertaining with a number of comments added that make for a good read. As for the two above they are fairly indicative of the whole thread. Self righteousness taken to a whole new level. Clearly my blog with its affiliate links is the lowest of the low and people constantly comment on how I fawn over the bookmakers. If the xxx draws service run by Mr C delivers the results then clearly I will have no need to ruin my blog with ghastly adverts all over the place.

“Random man” had this to say about Mr C :” I don’t know about Danny Murphy, you seem more like what Fergie might have called the Dennis Wise of the betting blogosphere.”

Green All Over  is one of  the first blogs I read every day and is full of interesting ideas however it does feel to me a bit like the kid at school who pokes and prods the younger scrawnier kid until said youngster turns round and beats the living crap out of  him. Big kid then cries and his defence is “I was only joking; I was only having a laugh”. I’ve not met either two here so not sure if one is scrawny or not!

Anyhow  back in the 80’s The Smiths were stereotyped as a bunch of northern miserablists by the DJ’s of the time (and we all know what nice people they all turned out to be). If they were just coming through now the likes of radio one would be playing them on repeat. If you do open your mind and  listen to them you will notice that the lyrics are actually uplifting and positive so it’s only fitting that this grim depressing post is ended with some absolutely brilliant news and a wonderful story.

Stephen Maher of the Gambler Falls blog has completed his £100 to £100,000 challenge. 

It’s a brilliant read and fairplay to him for continued posts when so many other blogs try similar with vastly reduced targets and then run out of steam. Huge congratulations and I guess it’s a case of “I know it’s over””you’ve got everything now”. Hopefully Stephen will continue blogging as I’ve found his pieces on cricket to be very informative. It’s a shame that the bad light fiasco at the oval ruined what would have been one last fantastic payday. If only “there was a light that never goes out”……