Hug(h)e response

A massive spike in readership on my last post and thanks to the various members of the twitter community who kindly retweeted it.

I think its perhaps worth re emphasising that the whole thing was a bit of a joke with the aim to be to point out to people that its completly unnesccessary to pay a lot of money for various different subscribtions if you dont want (or indeed cant afford to).

I did sign it at the bottom “Michael E Take” which I had hoped was a bit of a clue but I still had some DM’s asking me how they could sign up to the service. I also had people pointing out that the links just landed on Hugh Taylors page and asking if Hugh knew that “I was recycling his tips”.

With some new found time on my hands going forward I have decided to start following Hugh again, however I will be taking a different approach this time around in so much I will be placing all of my bets at Betfair and monitoring how close I can get to the advised prices. By monitoring twitter and using web watcher software I’ve found I can get on within a couple of minutes max.

Strangely enough someone who I have previously admired and read a lot of his stuff (I’ve even purchased his products) waded into the Hugh Taylor prices debate on Thursday and in my opinion ( and that of quite a fair few other people on the thread ) unfortunately was talking a fair amount of uninformed nonsense. It was almost as if someone had hacked into the @Caanberrytrader account and had just decided to be a complete an utter wind up merchant. The thread is here.  It worth reading the sub comments as well after the individual tweets 

The classic (which as someone who has been paid as a public speaker at betting events and is currently promoting another one) was this gem:

No. Of course not – do you not think the bookies pay Hugh, and ATR? Of course they want the info first… before the dozens turn up and back it any way (at any price)

(Ironic considering we have been treated to posts showing entertainment provided by Betfair and Betdaq )

Nice to see this response from Hugh himself:

tell me more about “the bookies” paying me…

Hugh actually appeared on the thread four times asking CB to substantiate these claims and all he got was vague comments about his employers ATR and rather bizarrely ( and the height of professionalism that will undoubtedly win any argument …. a gif of Michael Jackson!)

Oh dear Caan sometimes perhaps sometimes you just got to admit that perhaps you dont quite know quite as much as other people (of which there were quite a few posting sensible posts) on some subjects and your credibility would be increased /enhanced by actually saying so. Nothing is ever black and white and like all things in life sometimes there are elements of truth in both sides of a debate but by taking such a outrageous view (deliberately in order to seek attention perhaps?) I personally think you have got this wrong. By making wild claims that you are completely unable to back up (“I’m busy now but I will make a video”) you haven’t made me (or a lot of people think “he seems well informed and open to reasonable debate- I will listen to what he says”.

But then again why would you give a flying fck what I think anyway, you have 32.1k followers on twitter. Oh yeah about that…..