Holidays are tough

Its been a while since the last post as I was lucky enough to have a two week holiday in the Maldives with Mrs Blogger and then had a three day Gaming industry conference in London so opportunities to “play” have been very limited.

Its always a tough call when abroad and you follow various services to decide what to do.  By this I mean do you give yourself a complete break , not look at the ipad/laptop , not place any trades bets or do you still attempt to “get on”?. Sods law comes into effect here in so much that you can guarantee that if you aren’t going to put the recommended trades on then the service will have a blinding couple of weeks and vice versa. I knew that there was a decent free wifi service at the resort and had taken the time to set up a great VPN service on my ipad through “hidemyass” (Incidentally if you are going to google them them be careful what you type as there is no telling what could crop up!) so had decided that wherever possible I was going to have a dabble.

I subsequently  ventured out early a few days to download the racing post and get the Steve Palmer Racing Post golf picks on but to no avail as hes going through a relatively poor run at the moment although I did dodge a bullet on one of the events as I didn’t realise it started on the Wednesday so saved myself 10 points. Talking of golf I havent really got the time here to do justice to selections put up by “Nics Picks” while I was away so will be covering that off in some more detail in the next 48 hours but plenty of winners to talk about.  The Football Analyst trades that I placed out there were pretty average the first week but then superb the second week with 9 out 13 selections hitting and coupled with another cracking weekend this weekend that service is now back in profit.  Its certainly been a bit of a roller coaster and reading some of Graeme’s posts he does seem to be feeling quite down – lets hope he can find the right balance between work/home life/running the service  as  it would be a shame for him to discontinue at the end of the season.

One service that I wasnt able to follow whle I was out there was Hugh Taylor as clearly it relies heavily on getting the prices advised by Hugh within seconds of them being posted before they are cut – suffice to say in the two weeks I was abroad he racked up a massive 19 points profit and if  I remember rightly when I was last abroad for 5 days in November he also had a great few days!

Lastly its interesting to see that Bet Fred have decided to pay out on United winning the title after they beat Everton yesterday, I  don’t think they are really taking too much of a risk here  as although United could easily slip up and lose some games I really don’t think the quality of opposition is strong enough to take advantage. Unsurprisingly while they are quick to talk about  paying out on this they have yet to pay me out on Gareth Bale after he netted a second time on Saturday to land a nice “double delight”   (I didn’t see the highlights but apparently he missed an absolute sitter late on”) . Lets hope I won’t have to chase  the “Bonus king ”  and teach them maths like the last time…..