Hidden Gold

I saw written recently somewhere ( could I be more vague?)  that the power of the internet makes us all lazy. I think thats actually quite true as we are becoming more and more accustomed to finding out all the information we require ( or think we do) by just pressing a couple of buttons on our PC’s.

Anything that requires a bit more effort and people just don’t want to know. I always laugh when I see that tv advert with Christino Ronaldo on it with one of those electronic abs machines- seriously??? I wonder how many “larger” people have bought that thinking all they have to do is strap that on and munch away on their grab bag of crisps watching tv and hey presto I’ll have a six pack!

Betting is the same and we are all guilty of it to some extent . The always excellent Green All Over blog consistently has little nuggets that can deliver gold but like Mr Cassini is always saying ” an edge shared is an edge halved” . His baseball systems have constantly delivered and the last time I looked they had produced approx 90 points profit so far this season.

To achieve this profit  you would have had to spend some considerable time reading through his blog, found the suitable sites to find the bets and stats, and then checked daily to see if there were any qualifiers, and then, and only then,  finally place the Bets . And of course some days there wouldnt have been any qualifiers! Sod that for a laugh I hear you say – wheres my electronic ab machine!

I followed the systems myself for a period last year ( started mid season) and followed them for a while- they were hard work at times and to make matters worse I joined in at just the wrong time where they hit a downturn. I bailed out and cut my losses which is a classic mistake to make  ( unsuccessful bettors are always swapping from system to system) , although in my defence it was more to do with the time pressure of having newly born twins ( which apparently, so I’m told, can be hard work?)

Anyway its good to see that the systems are firing again and I will probably get involved again next year.

On the plus side you should see my Ronaldo type abs.