So the inevitable happened and Im sat here watching Sky Sports News going into complete overdrive regarding David Moyes sacking but as previously stated here it was clear he was massively out of his depth and I actually feel quite sorry for him. I’ve gone on record previously as saying  that I believe he was “sold a pup” by Sir Alex Ferguson  in terms of an aging squad that had been chronically under-invested in over the last 5 years and I’ll stand by that statement. There was a telling statistic which was trotted out on his 50th game in charge, in that time he had picked 50 different teams. He didn’t really seem to know which style of play he wanted to adopt  with long balls and crosses one week then  trying to outpass the opposition the next (double the number of passes against Everton with zero penetration). As a United fan its made ten times worse by the fact that a rampant and impressive Liverpool look like they will win the title after years of  waiting . So for the last time I bring you my favourite stat – “Liverpool have not won the league  since the backpass law was introduced”.  Wont be able to use that come the middle  of May.

In betting news its been a real roller coaster of a few weeks and leading that ride has been the Football Analyst service. Graeme wears his his heart on his sleeve and had taken the poor run of results very badly. At the start of April I was 69 points down and preparing myself to take a hefty loss for the season. Graeme wrote that he was having a serious rethink about the whole service and there seemed to be an element of “quitting” in these emails.  It was as if he wasn’t prepared to deal with a losing run and was going to walk away from it. I personally found this rather frustrating (and a tad annoying) although in mitigation he has a some big lifestyle changes ahead of him (one of which happened to me 6 months ago)  that will completely change the way he looks at life. Graeme  does perhaps create a rod for his own back with the amount of detail he goes into with his write ups and the sheer number of systems offered (a subject of some criticism in some quarters) so I personally hope that he just scales the service back to give himself a bit more time.  Fast forward  3 weeks and the service has made 40 points for me in April and it looks yet again like a break even for the season could be achievable , however Ive been here before so it will be a nervous few weeks.

Golf wise its as if Ive been the victim of some sort of wind up, I was big on Matt Kuchar the week before the Masters when he threw a lead on the 18th, I was huge on him at the Masters when he yet again just didn’t look like he had the bottle when right in there on Sunday afternoon  so this week when I was  on Luke  Donald , koooch decides to chip in from a bunker on 18  and win by one shot to stop me from landing a big bet. Thats the breaks and “what goes around comes around” but I  couldn’t help but smile at the irony…

Onwards and upwards.