Golf – (and another free book giveaway!)

I’ve not  written about golf a for a bit and with the end of the season approaching (does it really end though?) I thought I would try and work out which tipster has worked out better for me. Regular readers will know that over the year I have followed the selections in both the Racing and Football outlook (RFO) and the Racing Post (RP) but my record keeping has let me down and,although I’ve been very thorough in collating the numbers  in so far as overall results are concerned- when it has come down to the actual detail of which service has done what I’ve not got it.  I’ve tried googling it without any success so im hoping someone out there in cyberspace has got some ideas.

The situation is not made any easier by the fact that although Steve Palmer seems to work solely for the RP, Jeremy Chapman will regularly post tips in both publications. If anyone can help (or knows where to look) to see the relative performance I’d be very grateful. So grateful in fact that I will send them a brand new Timeform Fifty to follow book. (Yes Betfair sent Mrs Blogger one as well).

(EDIT- Received this from Steve Palmer-

stevepalmer78 Steve Palmer
@freeeasybets Hard to reply without sounding arrogant, but u would av made a fortune following me all season! About 350pts up at last check.
12 hours ago

For the last couple of weeks I have nailed my colour to the mast of the RP (indeed “nailing colours to the mast” was to be the title of this post until I typed that phrase into google images and got the most random and ridiculous list of pictures ever, any way I digress!) and its been a bit average to be honest with players threatening the lead or just edging into the place positions without ever putting me in a real position where i can make some decent trades.

I’ve also been playing around with backing and laying the various big guns (in terms of popularity) in the knowledge that any sort of decent performance by then will see a significant over reaction in this players odds. This is all well in theory however  the practice is not quite so straightforward as I had picked Martin Kaymer for this purpose a few weeks back  only for him to have a complete nightmare. (Incidentally a week later he then proceeded to play an absolute belter over the last 18 holes in the HSBC to knock over one of my picks). This weekend it worked well with Tiger Woods who the market does seem desperate to do well and backs him like he was the player of 2/3 years ago.

On the horse racing front its been a welcome return to Market Examiner after their 2 month lay off. Sam and the boys wont mind me saying that they had a bit of a nightmare back in August just before the break but I admired them for their honesty in emails and the fact that they retained the consistency in selections rather than tipping up horses at ever shortening odds with ever increasing stakes which another service that I very swiftly dropped had a tendency to do. The other good point about the examiner service is that there does (in the main) tend to be downward pressure on the prices that they select so you always have the opportunity of locking in some element of return. Staying with horse racing and Hugh Taylor is still doing the business and considering its a free service it has to be the best value around especially  if you can manage to get the advised prices. I’d say that I achieve this about 90% of time (yesterday I got a 2 point arb on Betfair) and its interesting to read Hughs Twitter feed to see the grief he gets with the prices going / bookmakers shitting themselves. If these people spent a bit more time using their brain and trying to find a solution rather than just whingeing they would quickly work it out 😉