Flower sales on the up

Its weird that when famous people sadly pass away and they are not of your generation then you don’t really bat an eyelid. However when you’ve grown up with those self same people in the world around you and they have been a bit of a constant in your life it does make you reflect on things differently.

Since the last blog post there have been some notable bereavements in both the sporting and musical world which for anyone in their 40’s and above will have had them thinking “fuck!”.

Jimmy Hill and Don Howe were pretty much constants when I was growing up watching football on tele as a kid and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that anyone would be proud to achieve 10% of what Jimmy Hill did for football in his life – an amazing guy.

In the world of music the drummer of the Specials died suddenly at the age of 62. I was lucky enough to see them play live when they reformed a few years back and can easily say that the gig at the Brixton academy was one of the best I’ve ever witnessed – an amazing occasion.

Probably not as surprising was the passing away of Lemmy of Motorhead- the ultimate rocker and while I was never a fan of the band, I will always listen to the song Ace of Spades very loud when I’m feeling rebellious at home….I dare anyone to listen to that track and not think “fucking hell how much speed was the drummer on!”

You know I’m born to lose, and gambling’s for fools,
But that’s the way I like it baby,
I don’t wanna live for ever,
And don’t forget the joker!

In the last couple of days David Bowie has also  died and while personally I was just a bit too young to appreciate the real impact he had ( and he was a complete visionary), I was exposed to his music constantly when younger due to an older cousin who utterly worshiped him . Again really sad but tempered somewhat when people do daft things like leaving flowers outside a house that he “perhaps” lived in when he was younger? WTF ! Where do you draw a line on that ? He had a piss once in a pub I perhaps went to – lay a wreath!

I think a lot of it is all about being seen to grieve – its like a certain football team in the North West who seem to have a two minute silence at the drop of hat ( they haven’t yet had one to mark the actual dropping of a hat but its surely only a question of time) . I saw some people taking selfies in front of a shrine to Bowie in Brixton – please please please  just fuck off. I even saw people taking their kids to lay flowers- these kids would have no idea what’s happening but have to feel sad because mummy and daddy say so. You fucking cretins your kids will never understand real grief.

This attitude to grief is best summed up in this utterly brilliant video featuring Stewart Lee. Classic.


Phew rant over.