Dont let it slip…

When I wrote this on 22nd April I didn’t realise that I was perhaps being slightly premature:

As a United fan its made ten times worse by the fact that a rampant and impressive Liverpool look like they will win the title after years of  waiting . So for the last time I bring you my favourite stat – “Liverpool have not won the league  since the backpass law was introduced”.  Wont be able to use that come the middle  of May.

and far be it from me to laugh at United greatest rivals just as they looked like they may getting back on their famous perch but this piece (and more importantly the twitter gallery) from the Manchester Evening News is quite entertaining.  I actually feel quite sorry for Gerrard as there are very few one club men still in the game and he has carried them through some very lean years, mind you I’m not so sure some people will be quite as sympathetic.

I aslo wrote on 22nd April

Golf wise its as if I’ve been the victim of some sort of wind up, koooch decides to chip in from a bunker on 18  and win by one shot to stop me from landing a big bet. Thats the breaks and “what goes around comes around” but I  couldn’t help but smile at the irony…

On Sunday I was “fairly large” on Anders Hansen and odds of 50/1 courtesy of both Nics picks and the Racing Post  and then this happened. Eagle at the last for Felipe Aquilar.

Fortunately (or should that be unfortunately?) I wasn’t watching as I was laid up in bed with a tooth abscess. I didnt smile at the irony when I heard. I stayed in bed for the rest of the day.