No posts for a while but no lack of activity. I attended the ICE exhibition in London last week where the great and the good (and the not so good) of the gaming world were gathered to put the world to rights and “press the flesh”. In between doing this in a professional capacity I wandered around the stands and chanced upon the Gambling Commission stand. It was no surprise really to hear that the guy on the stand had never heard of Canbet and no surprise either that he just struck me as a career civil servant who I would never, in a million years  , back to  make any inroads into the Canbet situation and obtaining anyones cash. An utter waste of time and complete disgrace in the way they have allowed these people to carry on taking peoples money. I also resisted visiting the Victor Chandler stand as I knew that telling them how gutless their trading team are wasn’t going to do me any favours and probably would have led to me being ejected from the show!

While at the show I made a conscious decision  not to get involved in any of the golf betting that I follow (Steve Palmer from the Racing Post and “Nics Pics”) on the basis that I wouldn’t be able to get on early enough to get the value prices. The result was that I missed out on a nice 36 points of profit as George Coetzee finally won after being in contention that many times Ive lost track . Palmer very nearly made it a great weekend for his biggest bets with Dustin Johnson narrowly missing out and while neither were big prices (11/1 and 14/1) its still a bit annoying but its sods law and you can bet that if I had managed to get on they would have missed the cut!

On the football side of things the Football Analyst continues to have a “coulda woulda shoulda” type of season and this time it was Crewe who came very close to making a difference . Two nil up away to Bradford , they let  the lead slip before regaining the lead only to be pegged back in the 84th minute. A decent 2 point bet at 3.5 and the service remains in a negative situation for the season at 8.43 points deficit. Crewe(l) luck indeed.


I’m hoping my new set up will improve my efficiency and bring me some better luck.