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Its Over

And I know it’s over Still I cling I don’t know where else I can go It’s over, it’s over, it’s over I know it’s over And it never really began But in my heart it was so real And you even spoke to me and said: “If you’re so funny Then why are you on your own tonight? And if you’re so clever Then why are you on your own tonight? If you’re so very entertaining Then why are you on your own tonight? If you’re so very good looking Why do you sleep alone tonight? I love the Smiths and any excuse to talk about them. I always […]

Winning together losing on your own….

… is an often repeated manta in the betting industry and one that Ive mentioned a few times in the blog., after all no one ever walked into work and said ” put one hundred pounds on a horse on Saturday and it fell at the first”. Betfair Pro trader is a recent addition to my blog roll and this post sums it up quite nicely. . I’d like to think that I’m quite open about how my  escapades into the different markets are faring and recently I’ve noticed that I’ve had a number of questions on the different sports I get involved in. Rather than do one long incredibly boring […]

A lot sappened

That’s (and another!) one straight away for the spelling police to get stuck into. Realised this morning that it was weeks since I had been able to motivate myself to get something onto the blog. I mean its not like there has been a lot going on in the world of sport and betting is it? First off there was Cheltenham and the furore caused by TGP offering silly deals to entice people and then completely shitting themselves when they realised that all the favourites had won and they owed a lot of money. Luckily common sense prevailed and they did a huge u turn and paid out but, you have […]

Flower sales on the up

Its weird that when famous people sadly pass away and they are not of your generation then you don’t really bat an eyelid. However when you’ve grown up with those self same people in the world around you and they have been a bit of a constant in your life it does make you reflect on things differently. Since the last blog post there have been some notable bereavements in both the sporting and musical world which for anyone in their 40’s and above will have had them thinking “fuck!”. Jimmy Hill and Don Howe were pretty much constants when I was growing up watching football on tele as a […]

Palmer to the rescue (take 3)

No not that Palmer. Its Ryan Palmer who has got the weekend off to an absolute booming start after being picked by Nic to be first round leader . Ok its a shame that Lee Westwood actually  remembered how to putt for a change however at 150/1 its a great start to the weekend. With Palmer also backed at 19/1 to be top 10 and a massive 200/1 to win it it could be an interesting few days  although with 37 players under par and therefore close there is a looong way to go yet. 54 holes to be precise. Its also the start of football season in the UK […]

Palmer losing the plot ? (take 2)

Or perhaps it’s just me? Hmmm – well perhaps I should just pen more articles being somewhat critical of Steve Palmer as at the weekend he managed to find two winners in the weekends golf. Fortunately for what little shred of credibility that I have left Max Kiefer didn’t “Let Germanys World Cup win inspire him” and could only finish 9th. Mr Palmer did, however, put forward David horsey as a selection despite not having made his last three cuts . Horsey duly did the business after leading pretty much all the way through although he did his best to throw it away and was only really rescued by a […]

Confessions of a bonus hunter

 My email inbox regularly receives requests for guest posts however they are normally never followed up or if they do appear they are normally badly worded adverts that are jammed full of links. Therefore I was delighted to receive the piece below which  makes for interesting reading and as someone who completely missed the “casino glory days” I have to admit to being ever so slightly envious! In other news its a week till Cheltmas!    It all started nine or ten years ago with a promotional CD that dropped through the letterbox, advertising the casino gaming website of a major UK betting operator.   I had always liked a […]

Bookies get hammered (?)

I’ve had to laugh the last couple of days with the bookmakers turning to social media to make a huge deal over the fact that for once all the favoured football teams won meaning that the “ACCA” bets so loved by recreational/mug (delete depending on your view) punters actually won. This press release came out before Arsenal won away to Aston Villa last night which I imagine would have added to the so called “pain”. Regular viewers will have seen me talk about “win together and lose on your own “ when it comes to people having a bet (after all who ever heard of anyone proudly boasting that they had £50 […]

Rooney update

As a United fan I’m  fed up with Rooney- just go. Most football fans will be of the opinion that if a player doesnt want to play for you then get him out. Why he wants to is clearly explained in the diagram  which relates  to his latest injury. There aren’t  that many players who have gone on to better things after leaving United but at least his agent Mr Stretfoird will do well out it. As for Suarez the funniest thing about the whole incident  has  been listening to Liverpool fans ringing up Talksport to voice their displeasure at how he  has stated he wants to leave to go […]

Alive and Kicking

I loved Simple Minds back in the day before they got all stadium rock (the above song is a one of the worst examples) – The early stuff was quite groundbreaking and if you have a few quid to waste on ebay you could do worse than buy Empires and dance or Real to Real Cacophony. Quite groundbreaking. I digress. Absolutely nothing to do with betting. Anyway very few postings due to the fact Ive been on holiday and more importantly I’ve moved house. For those of you who enjoy maths equations here is a nice one for you to solve. x= Sky Tv +(BT+Orange/Broadband)(Sky+talk talk+ BT/Phone line)-Time/Opportunities. Answers on […]