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Time Poor

Its often noted that blogs generally last about  60 days and then wither and die. Betting blogs (and there are some notable exceptions) tend to be full of the “I’m going do xyz and here is a record of  it” variety. They  then post regularly until either they lose all their cash or  lose interest as they realise that no one will ever give them any feedback even though the blog is visited quite often. So which category  does this blog fall into ? If Im honest, there is a hint of the second reason at the moment as you very rarely get anything like positive feedback. Allthough strangely enough […]

Still Being Lucky?

My last post was a ramble about the importance of luck and it would appear that I’m still getting my fair share of it. I had previously mentioned  that  the Football Investor service had had a great start to the season (54 points profit), well make that 97 now as the wins have just kept coming. I keep getting this nagging feeling that I should just bail out now- stop placing any more bets  and bank the profit as I refuse to believe the season can get any better but then I thought that when I last posted! Hugh Taylor (At the Races) also continues to deliver the goods with […]

Critical test (Of nerve?)

Ouch indeed!! There’s no way of dressing up in a positive the news that the Champion Jockey has decided to get his own back on me  by winning 4 out of his last 5 rides that Ive laid. The post here showed AP with a bloodied nose and it’s now me who has been left reeling. Well I say “left reeling” but perhaps I need a sense of perspective here . The fact is that those winners have halved the profit I made in the first couple of weeks of the project – that’s halved the profit (thought i would repeat it so i don’t forget). He is always going […]

Ticking over

A steady weekend on the betting front as a very boozy trip to Cardiff to see the washed out ODI followed by the 20/20  finals meant that betting opportunities were kept to a minimum.I had hoped that the phone coverage at the Swalec was going to be good enough to do a bit of “courtsiding ” but it was soon clear that this was never going to be the case so it was a day on the beer was the only option. Probably the certainty of the weekend was that Lanky the Giraffe wasn’t going to win the Mascot Derby after streaking ahead into a massive early lead only to […]

Thats better…..

A cracking result from the Golf Guru service last weekend who broke a recent lean spell with a nice 35/1 winner in the shape of Sergio Garcia at last weekends wyndham championship. Disappointingly  the tournament spilled over onto the Monday morning and was rather surprised that Sky didn’t televise it. No wobbles from Sergio as 4 birdies from the off put paid to any thought of a betting mishap,  It was a nice situation to be in as the man chasing him down the home straight was Racing Post two point pick Tim Clark so a “win win”. The RP golf  (Steve Palmer and Jeremy Chapman combined) is now 60 […]

Not so Amazing Grace

Steve Palmer from the Racing post has continued his amazing run and successfully picked Branden Grace for the second week running s at odds of 26/1 . A great result and even more impressive for the fact that he also had recommended Ernie Els who came storming up unnoticed to force a play off. His other picks of Aitken and Lawrie were also well in contention -Aitken led before falling away again (note to self is he a choker?). However this post is far from self congratulatory as when checking my Coral account to see how much I had won there was no sign of a winning bet – closer […]


For those people who haven’t read the Racing posts golf expert Steve Palmer’s entertaining book “Born to punt”  the above phrase and headline picture will mean nothing at all. The “facespitter” is a bet that Steve dreams of placing one day that will land him so much money that he will be able to spit in his bosses face as he wont need to work for him anymore. This bet would normally be a double of some sorts (and with normal golfing odds this would obviously equate to a nice sum). Quite what Steve’s boss thinks of his impending face full of phlegm is not covered off in the book […]


Not sure why I settled on a strange fish related theme but its certainly one of the corniest headlines/pictures  in a while. However yet again there was certainly nothing fishy about the golf picks from the racing post and RFO  as they both had  players in the places at the weekend. At one point on Saturday afternoon it looked very very promising as I had 4 players in the top 5 in Czechoslovakia but they slowly fell by the wayside.  Over in America it was even more frustrating as two of the picks Kim and Peterson both  bogeyed the last hole and ended up in a tie for the 5th […]

Weather or not…

If someone had told me a year ago that I could be making a nice tidy sum at 7am on a Thursday morning by paying close attention to the weather forecast then I would have thought they were barking mad. However that’s what happened on  Thursday as the Betfair  price on the draw in the England India 4th test  fell dramatically . This seemed to be a massive overreaction to the forecast predicting  rain in the afternoon (spot on as it happens with 65 overs lost) but the forecast for the next three days was pretty good and the way that India have batted, I feel  the loss of hours […]

Nice French lays

The favourite lays “turned out nice again” this weekend and its the French teams that have turned out to be rather useless with 6 out of 7 odds on favourites getting turned over with Lyon the most inept going off at odds of 1.36. Unusually (apparently) Germany has  seen favourites prosper but with only two weekends of fixtures having been completed it can (and no doubt will)  change. A good start but important that these results are judged in in the long tern rather than isolation.  I was also fortunate in that the two Manchester teams were drawing at halftime and I traded out of these for slight profits and […]