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Time Poor

Its often noted that blogs generally last about  60 days and then wither and die. Betting blogs (and there are some notable exceptions) tend to be full of the “I’m going do xyz and here is a record of  it” variety. They  then post regularly until either they lose all their cash or  lose interest as they realise that no one will ever give them any feedback even though the blog is visited quite often. So which category  does this blog fall into ? If Im honest, there is a hint of the second reason at the moment as you very rarely get anything like positive feedback. Allthough strangely enough […]

The secret art of getting on

A follow up to the last post about Hugh Taylor and the difficulty of  obtaining the prices that are quoted in the column. On Saturday 14th April a selection was posted at 10am (Secret Art)- the advised odds were 22/1 . By 10.02 Ladbrokes and Hills  had cut their prices to 12/1. Stan James had gone to SP while they panicked. If anyone had got on in that 120 seconds then fairplay to them but your account would surely have been marked. This is an extreme example but again is posted as a warning to anyone who thinks that blindly following Hughs selections without considering what the implications of the […]

Hugh(e) Variance

Im not entirely sure that that post title works but lets stick with it for the time being. Heres a question for my thousands of avid readers. If you read the following write up would you get involved?: There’s not much that I’d get excited about today, but RAASHDY might have a bit better chance than his odds suggest in the second division of the 1m2f handicap at Chelmsford this evening (8.45) and he’s the each-way suggestion for small stakes. It’s not hard to find the negatives to his chance, as you’d expect of one at his price, as his recent form has mirrored that of his stable, which hasn’t had a […]

True Odds pt 2

Always nice when someone takes the time to comment on a blog piece so thanks to “Billy Bunter” for the following: I have always wondered at the accuracy of the RFO True Odds. I do not trust the journalists to use the RFO True Odds prices to select the right bets so was never convinced by the column tips. I would be interested if anyone had used the listed True Prices to place their own bets based on certain criteria like a minimum difference of 3% or something similar. Maybe they have success using different minimum differences or only betting in certain leagues etc. Maybe they constantly over or underestimate […]


A disappointing Masters from a viewing and betting standpoint as Jordan Speith produced a real master class in short game skills to comfortably hold off the challenge of Justin Rose. One particular moment of brilliance that I thought summed it up was on the 18th on Saturday when he found himself out of position at the back of the green. It looked like it would be a bogey at best yet somehow he got “up and down” holing a wicked 8ft putt. I was in an excellent trading position on Rose with a lovely 4 figure green on him yet he never quite got close enough to lock in any profit and […]

Curley Whirley

An amazing day betting wise at the races where legendary Irish trainer Barney Curley seems to have pulled off another one of his famous coups. You may recall a similar episode a few years back where some very big bookmakers famously refused to pay out and it all got very very messy. All the horses were returning after long lay offs – the last one “low key” (which turned out to be a rather ironic name !) was the type of horse that would normally be taken on however it was hammered in and even in running the price didn’t move above the starting price despite it being fifth […]

Hug(e)h Winner

Im waiting with baited breath for my emails from Coral and Bet Fred. You know the one. It normally  starts with a cheery greeting and then hits you with a cheeky  rabbit punch along the lines of  “after reviewing your account”. Why the anxiety? Well on Saturday in the middle of finally finishing  off the latest part of decorating Blogger Towers I received a text from a friend. “Get ready” said the text. I apologised to my father-in-law who was helping me and bounded down the stairs as fast as my legs would carry me to get onto the betting websites. In the time it had taken my friend to […]

Bill Ha(a)s a great weekend

Thats about as contrived as it gets! A superb weekend of sport which was in the main avoided from a trading viewpoint as Blogger towers decamped to London Village for a weekend of frivolity. I kept a watching brief on the Irish Open where Jeremy Chapman (standing in for Steve Palmer) had put up Mr Luiten who looked like he was going to do the business after shooting a great 66 on the Saturday. Alas it wasn’t to be as this man…. Paul Casey was another who was going really well (was seventh) until he completely ran out of steam on the back nine of round two and carded a […]

Hugh(e) Mistake?…..

Or was it just the benefit of hindsight? I’ve been searching in the Itunes store over the last couple of days to find the newly released hindsight “app” but as of yet no joy so I’ll just have to go on trusting my judgement. In my last blog post I stated this after I had referred to my perception that Hugh Taylor didn’t have as much of an “edge” when it came to the big meetings. I thought that this was on account of his  hand being forced somewhat by the fact that he had to focus on the big meetings. Here’s what I wrote: It’s Ascot this week and […]


So its day 4 of an extended Ascot ( rather stupidly it escaped me that the meeting had been extended to the Saturday this year) and with the bookmakers falling  over themselves to offer various incentives, price boosts and the like, its proving to be a good week.  Regular blog reader “Al” was kind enough to stop by and make a comment on the last post about my decision not to follow Hugh Taylors picks . AL says: June 18, 2013 at 8:08 am  (Edit) Good god man, not following your boy Taylor!?!? Here’s  what I had said: It’s Ascot this week and as I’ve previously mentioned I don’t think Hugh […]