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Poor losers?

Well it certainly was an action packed afternoon of football on Sunday and as a United fan I was pleasantly surprised to see Fergie go for it against Chelski and play two wingers rather than this newfangleddiamondformationbollox * (that’s the technical phrase). For me the game was overshadowed by the amount of fuss made about refereeing decisions and its one of the reasons why I feel many people are falling out of love with the game.  Players dive and cheat constantly and the second someone takes action he (Clattenburg) gets absolutely hammered for it. If more players were sent off for CHEATING (not simulation or “going down a bit easily”) […]

More of the same……

A tough month for the Racing Post golf picks ended pretty much as it begun- namely without any success and I’m hoping that the luck will turn in time for this weeks Masters. Mrs Blogger is currently trying to get her head around the fact that I will be working all over Easter, the issue here being that her idea of working is not me  sat in front of the TV watching the golf!!! There are lots of offers on at the moment (The best of which are listed here) and I’m in the process of building a nice book on Betfair to take advantage of these and also to […]

Cant stop moses

Time for a slightly irrelevant (and after you’ve read it some might say slightly  mad) post from occasional contributor to the blog “Son of Moses”   (And I  have no idea what this is all about!! ). You can find his previous post here. ————————————- I used to love football I use to turn up at the Bridge five minutes before the game Wait at the top of Brittania Road until the National Front finished giving out their leaflets And then pay a fiver to go in and join the crowd Brilliant, exciting Great crowd. Funny songs Get your tits out for the lads they used to sing to the hot […]

The return of moses….

After not hearing from him for a while it looks like one time columnist “The Son of Moses” has made a welcome return. You can find his other posts here and here. In the meantime you can decide if these are the ramblings of a madman or a genius! ————————————————————- Could it be that in their pursuit of playing like Barcelona everyone has forgotten that defence wins titles Man Utds defending is poor. Basel had a load of chances Man City cannot defend Chelsea’s defence is old Man City won’t win the title because there is not one of their defenders that would get into the Utd or Chelsea team […]

Busy day ahead- and moses is back!

Well it looks like the football season is finally back in full swing and I’ve just received Matt Abrahams football picks- all 16 of them! Interestingly they differ quite a bit from my own that I fou with the help  of the BfFind tool, so will have to work through them as my bank isn’t quite big enough to trade them all and knowing my luck there will be a flurry of goals! Another successful T20 Trade yesterday morning on the England game and also two rather nice ones on the Caribbean version which I left to run overnight and took advantage of the volatility . Something that I will […]


Just back from a week relaxing in Dubai and in my mailbox  had the first of what I hope are many guest posts from someone  calling himself  “the son of moses”. Here’s his first post and if anyone wants to contribute I’m more than happy to post it as long as its not offensive. In 1924 a giant of English football won the old 1st Division. They subsequently won the title the next 2 years. For 3 years in a row the same team dominated the national sport. Well supported the terraces of this Yorkshire power house were consistently rammed with standing, cheering singing fans. Leeds Road with its capacity of […]