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Return of the rake…..

Not quite as catchy perhaps as “return of the mack” but seeing as I was away at the weekend and have very little to report it was a nice surprise to have received this from one of our guest writers “the rake”. ——————————– ‘As I said to my Producer ’ As my friends will testify – I’m a bit of a Ronnie Corbett. No, I’m not 5’ 1” and I was never involved in one of Britain’s best loved double acts. The truth is I digress. I can’t help it. I’ll wander from one subject to another with the most tenuous link, but unlike Ronnie I don’t always get to […]

Something a bit different……

I’ve not done any activity today (Wednesday) as been busy today up a few other matters- I’m aware that as well as being informative blogs should be fun and was wondering if this one had become a  bit too formal over the last days. To try and counter the balance here is the first post from someone on another planet called “the rake”. Do you remember the first time? It was a sure thing and the best bet of the World Cup 2010.  Over four  bookings in the Final at 11/10.  My fist punched the air as English referee Howard Webb brandished a fifth yellow card at ‘ thug of […]