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A lot sappened

That’s (and another!) one straight away for the spelling police to get stuck into. Realised this morning that it was weeks since I had been able to motivate myself to get something onto the blog. I mean its not like there has been a lot going on in the world of sport and betting is it? First off there was Cheltenham and the furore caused by TGP offering silly deals to entice people and then completely shitting themselves when they realised that all the favourites had won and they owed a lot of money. Luckily common sense prevailed and they did a huge u turn and paid out but, you have […]

Out of depth?

Huge game tonight for David Moyes and I’m grateful for the always entertaining and knowledgeable   Hejik for stopping by the blog and posting the following comment . I do feel sorry for Moyes but the appointment was a quite bizarre one in the first place. I can’t see what they thought they were hiring in and all the evidence says hes not, nor ever has been, a Man Utd manager. What exactly does David Moyes bring to the table in terms of playing style? The man looks sick to me and clearly under immense strain. I do hope he turns it around as there’s long been calls for British […]

But that joke isn’t funny anymore

It’s too close to home/ And it’s too near the bone It’s too close to home/ And it’s too near the bone More than you’ll ever know … Kick them when they fall down/ Kick them when they fall down You kick them when they fall down/ Kick them when they fall down Belting track by the Smiths. Relevance to all things gambling? Zilch. Relevance to the blog….. Read with interest a post this week on the Green All Over blog where Mr Cassini decided to have yet another pop at Mark Iverson in a piece called Soccer in play. I won’t go into the full details here as I’m assuming […]

The Special one.

So a new manager and a dull uninteresting game with little or no ambition shown. Picking a team with a centreforward in this day and age just smacks of trying  to be too clever and  Jose Mourinho is certainly someone who thinks he is very clever. When the highlight of the first half is a repeat of  Jose looking for his pen you know that the game has been poor. The English media are utterly obsessed with him and its an utter  wank fest the second he opens his mouth. Dont get me wrong his record is second to none and he wins things but this is a man who […]

Whats your fantasy?

I did laugh recently when I saw this post on the always excellent Football Traders Path called “Wet Tits”. As  well as offering some excellent advice (to be fair it always does and  worth a read back through the archives) it also featured this: The rather strange title for this post comes as a result of looking at the stats on my blog. Of the Google searches that resulted in the user finding their way to my blog, two searches for “wet tits” strangely led those people to me. Of all the porn sites that this particular search should have pulled up, I do find that somewhat bizarre. Afterall, as […]

Racing certainty

So it is indeed “Ta-ra Fergie ” although Pete Molynuex’s famous banner has taken 23 1/2 years longer to come true than he originally intended. I was at the game in December 1989 along with 33513  other sadists and its true to say that if we had all had a spare bedsheet on us then there may have been a few more scribbled on. The football United were playing at the time was pretty dire and losing to an average Crystal Palace 2-1 at home was, for many, the final straw. Probably one of the few things that may have saved Fergie from further fan abuse is that in the […]

Keeping it safe

Something a bit different today as I was contacted by the people at  which at first did seem a bit random but they had read a previous article about peoples accounts being compromised and felt that the below along with the graphic would make for interesting reading. Certainly if you have accounts across multiple bookmakers then the very least you should do is have different passwords for each and every one. I would also recommend changing these on a regular basis. The board over at TGT  has an excellent thread on the subject which is also worth a read. Here’s the intro: If you’re like most people, you probably […]


I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and post something about Betdaq being taken over by the always forward thinking Ladbrokes. Quite how the movers and shakers there will get their head around people actually winning money without instantly shouting “close that account” will be interesting for sure. Actually I lied when i said i was going to post about them as really its just a summing up of whats out their at the moment on the blogosphere which is quite lazy of me but then hey! First off   is Sports trading life with a post entitled 5 reasons you need a betfair account.Theres nothing earth shatteringly new […]

Spot(y) the team?

team Pronunciation: /tiːm/ Translate team | into French | into German | into Italian | into Spanish Definition of team noun [treated as singular or plural] a group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport: the village cricket team. This is from the BBC website a few days ago: “for the team in an individual sport or sporting discipline that has achieved the most notable performance in the calendar year. For the avoidance of doubt, this criteria excludes Team GB/Paralympics GB but includes the likes of British Cycling, Rowing Coxless Four and the European Ryder Cup team”. You’ve got to feel sorry for anybody who had […]