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True Odds pt 2

Always nice when someone takes the time to comment on a blog piece so thanks to “Billy Bunter” for the following: I have always wondered at the accuracy of the RFO True Odds. I do not trust the journalists to use the RFO True Odds prices to select the right bets so was never convinced by the column tips. I would be interested if anyone had used the listed True Prices to place their own bets based on certain criteria like a minimum difference of 3% or something similar. Maybe they have success using different minimum differences or only betting in certain leagues etc. Maybe they constantly over or underestimate […]

When bookies go bad…..

Sometimes I hate being right.When I titled this post You CANBET but they  wont pay on December 24th little did I realise how true that was to become. Fast forward two months later and the whole house of cards has  come tumbling down and left a lot of people very angry not least myself as Ive got a 4 figure balance in there. Key to a lot of this anger has been the role that the UK authorities have played (or to be more accurate , not played) in the whole affair. In that post in December  I stated this: For me there is a key phrase in the note from […]

Curley Whirley

An amazing day betting wise at the races where legendary Irish trainer Barney Curley seems to have pulled off another one of his famous coups. You may recall a similar episode a few years back where some very big bookmakers famously refused to pay out and it all got very very messy. All the horses were returning after long lay offs – the last one “low key” (which turned out to be a rather ironic name !) was the type of horse that would normally be taken on however it was hammered in and even in running the price didn’t move above the starting price despite it being fifth […]

Bookies get hammered (?)

I’ve had to laugh the last couple of days with the bookmakers turning to social media to make a huge deal over the fact that for once all the favoured football teams won meaning that the “ACCA” bets so loved by recreational/mug (delete depending on your view) punters actually won. This press release came out before Arsenal won away to Aston Villa last night which I imagine would have added to the so called “pain”. Regular viewers will have seen me talk about “win together and lose on your own “ when it comes to people having a bet (after all who ever heard of anyone proudly boasting that they had £50 […]

Feeling Blue

That will probably be the case for all those employees of Rank who worked in the Blue Square side of things with this mornings announcement that the sports-book was being sold to Betfair. When two companies are smashed together like this it normally only means one thing and that’s job losses. I’ve met some of the Blue Square people on various sports days out and they were all really nice knowledgeable people so I hope they are all well looked after. So what does it mean for Joe Punter? By now you should all have received an email of which the following made me smile: I am unfamiliar with Betfair. […]

Poor losers?

Well it certainly was an action packed afternoon of football on Sunday and as a United fan I was pleasantly surprised to see Fergie go for it against Chelski and play two wingers rather than this newfangleddiamondformationbollox * (that’s the technical phrase). For me the game was overshadowed by the amount of fuss made about refereeing decisions and its one of the reasons why I feel many people are falling out of love with the game.  Players dive and cheat constantly and the second someone takes action he (Clattenburg) gets absolutely hammered for it. If more players were sent off for CHEATING (not simulation or “going down a bit easily”) […]

Hug(e)h Value?

Regular readers of the blog will know that I’m a keen follower of the superb racing service provided on the At The Races website by tipster High Taylor, I was fortunate enough for Hugh to share some of his thoughts with me a while back on the blog and I m hopeful of another interview soon. What is really interesting to note is that Hugh is keen to stress  that his selections are only worth following if you can back them at somewhere approaching 80% of the advised price. While in theory this may seem easy, the reality is somewhat different as the bookmakers slash his selections the moment they […]

Bad dream for Fisher

It was very nearly back to back winners for the Racing posts Steve Palmer at the weekend as Ross Fisher was always there or thereabouts in the Portugal Masters before eventually  being chased down  by the athletic Irishman Shane Lowry. Fisher had a five foot put to take it into a play off but managed to lip the putt out and in doing so blow up my 1.5 point selection at 45/1. The each way return wasn’t too shabby but with none of the American selections getting anywhere near the pace it was a slight set back for the golf betting bank. One place I wont be placing my golf […]

Moore Amazing Grace.

Sun Pun writers beware I’m back! Couldn’t help that one as a sensational weekend for the Racing Post tipster Steve Palmer. Here’s the list: Alfred Dunhill Links Branden Grace – 1pt e/w 50/1 –Winner Thorbjorn Olsen 1pt e/w 45/1 -2nd place Danny Willett 1pt e/w 50/1- 6th place (Stan James paid out on this so glad I took a bit of time to hunt this down) Two other picks total loss on those 3.5 pts e/w. Justin Timberlake Shriners Open Ryan Moore  3pts e/w 14/1 Winner Jason Day 1.5 pts e/w 25/1 – 4th place Scott Piercy was selected and finished 6th but I didn’t  spot any bookies offering this […]

Got out of that hole!!!…..

Wow! What more can you say about that Ryder Cup over the weekend? Utterly compelling and an amazing comeback. For me the star man and performance was Ian Poulter on Saturday night with those five birdies in a row. Unbelievable pressure and while Ive had a pop at him in the past for being a bit of a prat you cannot say a word about his ability to deliver the goods in high pressure situations.It was Saturday night that just gave the yanks the feeling that anything was possible and it was interesting that their putting really did fall apart once they felt the pressure of a few bits of […]