What a terrible title and one that smacks of smugness. I do believe its what people post on certain forums when they have had a winner and is sometimes favoured by “aftertimers”  who are quite happy to post up winners but go conspicuously quite when they encounter a tough run. Well its was certainly a tough month for Bryan Nicholson over at Nic’s Picks with a deficit of 63 units before the weekends tournaments. This was corrected in spectacular fashion with two winners of the tournaments found and another couple of bets landed to harvest in 60 points and correct the months poor run. Well done to Bryan and as I’ve said before for a service that is donation led its certainly  great value. Over at the Racing Post it was  equally good news with Steve Palmer  following up his big win last week with another 26 points of profit after also landing a winner with Matt Kuchar and a couple of place bets.

Talking of the Racing Post you may remember that in my last post I wasn’t convinced  about backing Tiger Woods at very short odds (Steve Palmer  had suggested a 5 point bet). Unless you’ve been on the moon you will already know that he finished 20 shots (That’s 20 and not a typo!!) behind the leader for one of his worst finishes in a long long time. Woods described it as “just one of those weeks” however with the US Open  Merion in less than 2 weeks I cant see how he can be backed at 5/1 which means that he absolutely has to be laid, although its interesting to not that his driving (which sometimes is where his problems can start) was actually quite good with plenty of fairways being hit.

Please notice that I managed to use the phrase “driving” and “Woods being laid” without any sniggering references to incidents with his ex wife 😉

So a strange month and in a way one that absolutely typifies what golf betting is all about- a long barren month and suddenly turned around at the end to give a superb return of 100 points ! Ive said it time and time again and make no apologies for boring anyone with this, keeping records on any type of betting is absolutely vital. If I hadn’t I might be getting a bit giddy with all the success,  instead the records allow me a reality check  of knowing that although certainly a great return its perhap not quite as fantastic a month as it seems.  Don’t get me wrong with the big tournaments know coming through thick and fast it will be great to see the two guys continue their rich vein of form.

The question is will Bruce Millington be able to resist those headlines about Steve Palmer being “bang in form (again see last post) although in fairness he would actually be able to justify them this week as those winners are like buses at the moment (and no I don’t mean big and red!!)