Bookies and BT….

Both a bit shambolic really .

The attached video by Caan Berry is excellent regarding bookies (and gets almost to “rant” status which made me smile!)  Apologies are also due to Caan as he asked me to list his excellent blog on my blogroll ages ago and I never got round to it. Its added now and you can find it here.

When I’ve been on the night shifts recently I’ve decided to do something positive with my time and I have been working my way through a selection of his videos on youtube. I’d thoroughly recommend them to anyone interested in trying to understand trading on Betfair or simply just out of interest in understanding market movements.

BT paid something like 960 million pounds to the rights for Premier League so its probably no surprise that 1) they cant be arsed to install fibre where I live ( its been put back repeatedly over the last 2 years)  2) get the network to work (a nationwide outage on Wednesday , 3) Deliver speeds faster than old fashioned dial up to my house and 4|) be bothered to try and keep my business after being a loyal customer for 3 years as they are too busy paying Michael Owen and Glen Hoddle to bore the arse off everyone with their duuuuulllll commentaries..

As a result of the above I’ve jumped ship to another supplier saving myself a fair few quid in the process. More importantly I have given myself some form of back up as I realised on Wednesday that having both home broadband lines with the same supplier was utter madness. It was actually a worthwhile exercise as it forced me to completely reevaluate my home comms as they weren’t anywhere near upto scratch in the event of an issue which, sods law would dictate would happen when I had a lot of money in the market!

Lastly there was a comment left last week on the blog that read….

It would be more interesting if you updated your blog at regular intervals rather than simply when you have a good week. Shame could be decent if you were more transparent..

Ouch ! Bit harsh but nice of AP’er to leave a comment and its a something I will respond to in my next post ( that will be the next time I have a good week!) 😉