Bit of let down……

Well the much hoped for “when Handy met Shirley” orgasmic  moment didn’t really get going at the weekend and turned into a bit of a damp squib to be honest.  Andy had selected the Sunderland vs Fulham game to be the main trade and I had managed to scalp the 0-0 successfully giving me a nice bit of cover there, unfortunately that was the only bit that went according to plan as Sunderland proceeded to hit the woodwork a couple of times and leave the game goalless at halftime which was even more frustrating as it was the only one in the premiership to be without goals. As I had some additional cover on the 0-0 it allowed me to carry the trade into the second half but I showed (what was for me  anyway) remarkable discipline and exited on 55 minutes and took the hit .  So not the best of starts for Andys service but fairplay to him he wasn’t dressing up the poor start in bullshit

This was our third 0-0 in five games and a loss. A 0-0 final score occurs once every 10 games so finding 3 from 5 is extremely unlucky.

Whilst writing, I have noticed that the Granada v Mallorca game has been abandoned on 60 minutes with the score at 2-1 due to an umbrella being thrown on the pitch and striking the linesman. The prices made this a good Homer but Granada had only scored 4 goals in 11 games so I avoided. It was 0-1 at HT and would have meant that the trade could continue until about 55 minutes. Granada equalised on 54 minutes so it would have just been a winner. The abandonment would have meant funds being tied up until a decision is  made as to whether to replay or award the game to Granada. Had we traded this game it would have summed up the whole weekend of unusual results.

I would add some sort of pun about “it doesn’t rain it pours” here but I don’t think Andy would see the funny side. I just hope that the pressure of having a large paying subscriber base doesn’t effect the quality of picks as I don’t doubt that some of the newer members will have been expected a get rich quick scheme….

So I got all excited and then let down on Saturday and then  happened again with Boyle Sports very kindly asking both Mrs Blogger and I to try out there new spanking in play offer. In play is clearly all the rage and offers up many new markets to our bookmaking friends so I should imagine that there were a few kicked arses at Boyles when the freebets weren’t awarded, the website crashed and the  live chat stopped working . There is no truth in the rumour that a certain Mr Patrick Power was seen running away from the building after cutting through the power supply but they must have been enjoying every moment of it. I gave up after about twenty minutes but, rather predictably the MSE massive were all getting their knickers in a twist about it , fretting if they were going to get their free bets.  Fret not you money saving misers as a quick mail this morning and £100 of free bets were in our accounts so no real harm done unless you wasted an hour of your life trying different browsers etc and posting on the forum. 😉

In fairness to Boyles they have sent out the below email but I’m not sure they can get away with the same standard of humorous emails  that Paddy does (perhaps one of the Marketing team has jumped ship?) considering they have just pissed off a lot of people.

If you are reading this email it means you were one of the many customers who placed a bet on the Chelsea v Liverpool game yesterday afternoon. If you are a Liverpool fan you are probably smirking having allowed your mind to drift back to that Johnson dribble and well taken goal. On the other hand if you are a Chelsea fan you are probably cursing the fact that John Terry’s right leg isn’t 3 inches longer than his left!!

It also means that you were one of the many customers to qualify for our very generous and well received free bet offer. As you know we encountered some very frustrating technical issues at kick off which delayed both the application of the free bet to your account and impacted website performance. If you got to use the free bet then I hope it was a winner, If you didn’t use it then don’t worry, it is still in your account and you are free to use it on whatever event you like.

These were a very infuriating series of events which we cannot apologise enough for and at this point we can but hope that you accept our apology as we stand at the door of our server room and shout expletives at rows and rows of server boxes which in our hour of need failed us badly and compromised the high level of service we seek to deliver to our customers. We know that as one of the many customers who were left wondering where their free bet was or on hold to our customer services team that you almost certainly had steam coming from your ears. It is unlikely to prove to be of any consolation to you but our levels of frustration were running in tandem with yours.

Despite our failings we’d still love to hear your feedback on this promotion or indeed any suggestions for future promotions.

If it was Paddy Power he would be giving people some sort of free bet as a way of saying sorry but the bookmaker who is affectionately know as “spoilsports” is hardly likely to do that is he? Meanwhile Paddy refused to comment on the whole saga and enjoyed himself …….. 😉

That was until Monday night when this incredible bet came in:

£10 accum: Liverpool, Man U, West Brom, QPR, Everton, Man City, Arsenal and draws in Sunderland v Fulham, Wigan v B’burn + Spurs win = £34K

Unbelievable really when you consider the 3-3 draw in the Wigan game was courtesy of an injury time penalty! I wonder if the lucky punter had laid Spurs to lock in some profit?