Being more transparent….

AP’er commented on my last post that “It would be more interesting if you updated your blog at regular intervals rather than simply when you have a good week. Shame could be decent if you were more transparent”..The definition of which is “open,frank,candid”.

Im not entirely sure what constitutes “regular intervals’ and having just become a father to not one but two, time consuming, puking, crying and  crapping little beauties its a little difficult to get the time to post on here whether the news is good or bad. However the comment did make me realise that some of my record keeping was a bit flaky (of the home made spreadsheet variety) and I searched the internet and found an excellent site  that has taken my record keeping to a far more professional level.

So in the spirit of openness required by Ap’er here are some results for the services I follow. I fully realise that purely publishing P and L’s doesn’t really float some peoples boats. Its only the the golf and footy investor that Ive managed to put onto spreadsheets so far as it was quite a  time consuming job.

Service                  YTD          ROI%   Points         Feb     ROI%    Points

RFO (Golf)                               35.43%    54                            -5.83%      -3

RP    (Golf)                              55.9%      40.39                        -100%        -5

Nics Picks (Golf)                     3.53%       3.49                         20.88%     4.5

RFO True Odds(Football)                                                                    -3.82

Football Investor                    5.58%        52.39                    5.83          8.98

Hugh Taylor                                                20.86                                       7.6

So its been a stagnant month for the golf and a pretty decent month for Hugh Taylor and Football Investor. As per usual the numbers only tell half the story with Jeremy Chapman from the RFO  finding some real form in the last few weeks .

Now Ive typed it I’m not really sure how interesting it is (its dull) but it may help someone who is thinking of following some of the services ( which with the exception of FA ) are free.

In other news- this article is worth a read if you are sickened by the bullshit that the Premier league and the FA churn out about the good causes they support and the amount of money swilling around in their trough. Jimmy Greaves (One of Englands greatest ever players) is struggling after suffering a stroke and as per usual peopel in football do very little about it. They will probably put up a statue for him when his dead but that doesn’t really help. Just ask Bobby Moore- No one gave a fuck about him when he was struggling in later life. He’s a hero now his dead

Finally with Cheltmas around the corner its a time when people who have an a vague idea what I do for a living tend to ask me for “tips”. Bitter experience has told me that they somehow think that “tips” means certainties to win with no hint of gratitude if they do and a lot of snide/smug comments if they dont. This year I wont be helping anyone as I simply cant be arsed.

Being open frank and candid is overrated – some things are best kept quiet. Its more fun. 😉