Backing the homes

Quick comment to make on always excellent Green All Over blog   

and in particular one of the stats that was on that post.

“Surely a much catchier lede would have been that backing all Homes in England’s top three leagues last season would have been up by:”

“How far back you want to go looking for trends is up to the individual. Personally, I think two or three seasons is good,”

Certainly thought provoking so I spent a bit of time doing exactly  that and found that while those figures were indeed correct ( and why would thye not be when they have been extracted from the brilliant  site)

If you then go back a couple of  seasons you then find that perhaps its not quite as rosy with the numbers (using Pinnacle prices) being

2013-14 -42.55 points

2014-2015 -78.66 points

2015-16 -66.62 Points

However thats not quite the end of it as its always possible that you can then play about with different numbers in order to try and find an edge- beware the perils of “backfitting” and “data mining”.!!

On a related subject do any of my many thousands of blog readers know of anywhere that I can access the starting pre season prices for relegation from the Premiership for the above seasons? I’ve tried Odds at the suggestion of a couple of people but unfortunately while they have a mass of information thats the one thing they don’t seem to have!

If anyone has any ideas where I could find it I would be really happy and hopefully will be able to process this data more and share the findings.

Thanks in advance!