Amazing grace

A terrible headline and pun but cant be helped and at least I can safely say Im not alone after looking at the weekends golf news where it appears that every lazy golf writer in the known universe used it! I’m of course talking about Branden Grace winning the Joburg Open as tipped by the Racing posts very own Steve Palmer at a nice 35/1. A cracking start to the year for Steve after he picked the winner last week as well. It was nearly a nice double as one of the American picks Charles Howell 111 came tied 2nd only two shots back although whether it would have been one of the famous “facespitters” I’m not sure!

Palmer certainly has a fantastic record although it appears his selection criteria is somewhat unconventional !

Steve Palmer @stevepalmer78

@freeeasybets One of my best mate’s sisters is called Grace. Fit as a butcher’s dog! #offlimits


What made Graces victory even more satisfying was that I managed to resist the temptation to lay any of the winnings off (and thankfully wasn’t watching it as I  was at a family event and may have got a bit twitchy after Jamie Elson fired a final round 63) . Previously I have backed these selections and then laid some of the winnings but with the benefit of hindsight I’ve found that all I’ve been doing is eroding profit  as and when winners do come along  (which is not that often in golf betting). So, in the spirit of my previous post on KISS I’ll be leaving all of the bets to ride which may leave me with a less fingernails should there be any close finishes!.

Well, not quite. I confess that my constant desire to tinker with things means that I’m also going to be backing all the selections on Betfair and then lay them at 50/25/10% of original stake. The weekend was a great example of this as it meant that with one of the other picks George Coetzee doing very well until a couple of bogie’s early in round 4, it meant that the pot was added to again. As long as selections don’t have a complete nightmare then this should give me some additional funds should I find myself wanting to lay off any possible winnings .   .  All very early days of course (and some winners helps!) but one of the good reasons for writing a blog is that it helps me to commit to ideas .

One of the things that I did use the blog to commit to was to get involved in tennis trading and its a bit unfortunate that I’m just not a night owl- plenty of games on in Australia with the start of the open but I’ve decided that learning a new sport with the added bonus of sleep deprivation thrown in is not the best idea in the world, so I’ve just been dipping my toes in the water if there  are any games on when I’m up at 6.30.  I’m a member of a couple of tennis services and I’ll do a bit of a write up and review in the next post.

Finally- had to post up the video of everyone’s favourite ape Martin Keown getting hit by the ball.  Surprised that RVN managed to kick it all the way from Malaga! 😉