A lot sappened

That’s (and another!) one straight away for the spelling police to get stuck into.

Realised this morning that it was weeks since I had been able to motivate myself to get something onto the blog. I mean its not like there has been a lot going on in the world of sport and betting is it?

First off there was Cheltenham and the furore caused by TGP offering silly deals to entice people and then completely shitting themselves when they realised that all the favourites had won and they owed a lot of money. Luckily common sense prevailed and they did a huge u turn and paid out but, you have to feel too little to late and the damage to those fledgling brands was done. No one I know would place any sizable bet there with any confidence that they might not come up  with similar bullshit in the future. It was a shame as the odds mirrored some other very competitive in play offerings but if you don’t think you will get paid its hardly worth it.

The masters was epic. No other word for it. I sat watching it on the Saturday absolutely incredulous that Jordan Speith was still winning (and by a decent a margin) considering how badly he was playing. He had zero control off the tee and was saved purely by his brilliance around the greens . I think the lowest I laid him was 1.2 and to be honest I had written the loss off as no one could have seen the incredible blow up at Amen Corner coming. I can honestly say that the ten minutes that saw him turn into an Amateur golfer, along with Westwoods eagle and Willets amazing irons into greens was the most stressful yet enjoyable and rewarding of my trading/ gambling career to date. Looking forward to the forthcoming run of three majors in something like 7 weeks soon.

Football wise and its probably best to start with Hillsborough.

This article sums it all up


Justice at last for all the families involved and shame on the South Yorkshire police for dragging out the inquest for so long. You just get the feeling that there are probably lots of other horrific cover ups that in years to come will been revealed. Rotherham  and Ormsgrave come to mind.

If you haven’t watched the BBC documentary then you must. Be warned, clearly its harrowing but you need to see it.


Football wise . Leicester City! Wow.

Some really good articles here on how the bookies caught a cold.



Why did bookmakers lose on Leicester?

What price SHOULD Leicester have been?

As I type this it seems United are in the process of appointing the “Special one”. I not convinced that he is the right long term move – hes a winner yes but sometimes that’s not the be all and end all.  I’m not a fan of “snidey people” and believe me he is right up there .

One things for sure the media will love it.

Betting wise its been business as usual and as a few people contacted me asking about the performances of various services I will make sure I do a full summary at the end of May rather than boring people now.

Finally in music The Stone Roses actually released a new record. If your not a fan of the band then you probably didn’t get what all the fuss was about but given that when they were together it took them 5 years to record a follow up album and this is their first release since 1995 then not surprisingly twitter went into melt down and there was an embarrassing “love in” with people proclaiming it to be the best thing since the last best thing. Get a grip bandwagon jumpers. Ian Brown is 53 . He was relevant in 1989 when he was at the forefront of the “summer of love” but now he’s just doing it for the money he is entitled to after getting ripped off back in the day. Good luck to him but to hear 20 something year olds calling radio one and saying its the best thing ever is just a bit embarrassing.  Personally I think its ok but if it was by say, Utah Saints, would it have received the same attention?

There is always a school of thought that says good things in the past can never be repeated and while I’m not sure that’s always true (there are notable exceptions) it will be interesting to see if that’s the case here.