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Palmer losing the plot ? (take 2)

Or perhaps it’s just me? Hmmm – well perhaps I should just pen more articles being somewhat critical of Steve Palmer as at the weekend he managed to find two winners in the weekends golf. Fortunately for what little shred of credibility that I have left Max Kiefer didn’t “Let Germanys World Cup win inspire him” and could only finish 9th. Mr Palmer did, however, put forward David horsey as a selection despite not having made his last three cuts . Horsey duly did the business after leading pretty much all the way through although he did his best to throw it away and was only really rescued by a […]

Has Palmer lost it?

A strange title  perhaps considering that since my last post when I stated that Mr Palmer was 189 points down, he has found two winners. A  tad fortunate to see GMac  win in France at 12/1 but nothing  wrong  with  Brian Harman at a whopping 100/1 (although again a shame that this was only half a point). Add to that some decent placed golfers (Sergio quite unlucky I thought to run into Rory in that sort of form) and its a recovery of sorts, so why the doubting?. Last night I dutifully downloaded the Ipad app and backed his selections on the Canadian open (regular listeners will know that if […]