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So the inevitable happened and Im sat here watching Sky Sports News going into complete overdrive regarding David Moyes sacking but as previously stated here it was clear he was massively out of his depth and I actually feel quite sorry for him. I’ve gone on record previously as saying  that I believe he was “sold a pup” by Sir Alex Ferguson  in terms of an aging squad that had been chronically under-invested in over the last 5 years and I’ll stand by that statement. There was a telling statistic which was trotted out on his 50th game in charge, in that time he had picked 50 different teams. He […]

Masters Day 2

Regular listeners will know that I’m a keen golf   fan so when the opportunity comes around to watch 4 whole evenings of absolute top quality golf and try and make some money out of it at the same time then Mrs Blogger is never going to win an argument to get me to go to Ikea. The Masters is a tournament that historically Ive always seemed to do well at although its definitely not without putting in some long nights. I make sure Im familiar with the course in  terms of which holes are playing easier etc and then also (and probably most importantly) keep a very close on […]