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When bookies go bad…..

Sometimes I hate being right.When I titled this post You CANBET but they  wont pay on December 24th little did I realise how true that was to become. Fast forward two months later and the whole house of cards has  come tumbling down and left a lot of people very angry not least myself as Ive got a 4 figure balance in there. Key to a lot of this anger has been the role that the UK authorities have played (or to be more accurate , not played) in the whole affair. In that post in December  I stated this: For me there is a key phrase in the note from […]


No posts for a while but no lack of activity. I attended the ICE exhibition in London last week where the great and the good (and the not so good) of the gaming world were gathered to put the world to rights and “press the flesh”. In between doing this in a professional capacity I wandered around the stands and chanced upon the Gambling Commission stand. It was no surprise really to hear that the guy on the stand had never heard of Canbet and no surprise either that he just struck me as a career civil servant who I would never, in a million years  , back to  make […]