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Curley Whirley

An amazing day betting wise at the races where legendary Irish trainer Barney Curley seems to have pulled off another one of his famous coups. You may recall a similar episode a few years back where some very big bookmakers famously refused to pay out and it all got very very messy. All the horses were returning after long lay offs – the last one “low key” (which turned out to be a rather ironic name !) was the type of horse that would normally be taken on however it was hammered in and even in running the price didn’t move above the starting price despite it being fifth […]

Bookies get hammered (?)

I’ve had to laugh the last couple of days with the bookmakers turning to social media to make a huge deal over the fact that for once all the favoured football teams won meaning that the “ACCA” bets so loved by recreational/mug (delete depending on your view) punters actually won. This press release came out before Arsenal won away to Aston Villa last night which I imagine would have added to the so called “pain”. Regular viewers will have seen me talk about “win together and lose on your own “ when it comes to people having a bet (after all who ever heard of anyone proudly boasting that they had £50 […]

Racing Post golf selections. Results 2013

One of my new year’s resolutions 12 months ago was to keep better records of my activity so that I could work out what better what was going well/not so well. Its slightly annoying to see that for some strange reason I only decided to implement this in sufficient detail from the 1st Feb 2013 so while this isn’t “complete” as such it will I think give a fair representation of the performance of the Racing Post golf team (which consists of Steve Palmer with Jeremy Chapman standing in from time to time and adding his own selections for big events). If you are a regular reader of the blog […]

Glory hunters in meltdown

Apparently the airwaves were in meltdown last night as caller after caller called into 606/Talksport  calling for David Moyes to be sacked and ripping up their season tickets in disgust (pictured here). You can bet that the vast majority of these so called “fans” are under 35 and therefore will have never have seen United doing anything else but winning. As a kid at school everyone supported Liverpool and the small band of United fans had three big events  which were the cup finals in 77,79,83 and 1985. Yes four finals in eight years was all that we had to get excited about. If anyone had told any of the […]