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You CANBET but they won’t pay

I thought Christmas had come early on the 11th December when I received an email from Canbet that began with the paragraph. Please be advised that your withdrawal request will be processed and paid over the next week. I immediately sat up and paid attention as I had been waiting for a 4 figure withdrawal since the start of October. That’s not a misprint that’s 9 weeks and counting when they sent the mail! The email went on to say: Over the next week, our customer clearance procedures will once again be automated which will result in customers being paid in an expedient manner, thus clearing the backlog of withdrawal […]


Viewers of a certain age will remember a TV series called Danger UXB which if my memory serves me correctly was shown on ITV on Sunday evenings in the late seventies. I’m not quite sure how they managed to make a whole drama series about bombs not going off however looks like they will need to be called out of retirement. Whys that? Well on Saturday Coral ran a promotion called a “price bomb”. To lots of noise they announced that they would be “significantly enhancing” the price of a horse in the 3pm at Cheltenham. It was only ever going to be one and the price of “The New […]

Still here…..

When I titled my last blog piece “how soon is now” I didn’t realise that the title could well have been referring to the delay before the next post. It’s been a hectic 6 weeks or so at blogger towers and every time I’ve sat down and thought about posting something I’ve been distracted. To be honest “distracted” is probably a bit of an understatement as Blogger junior arrived at the end of October and as any new parent will tell you it’s a whirlwind from day one. My daughter clearly can’t speak yet although I could have sworn that through all those screams at 3am I heard her say […]