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But that joke isn’t funny anymore

It’s too close to home/ And it’s too near the bone It’s too close to home/ And it’s too near the bone More than you’ll ever know … Kick them when they fall down/ Kick them when they fall down You kick them when they fall down/ Kick them when they fall down Belting track by the Smiths. Relevance to all things gambling? Zilch. Relevance to the blog….. Read with interest a post this week on the Green All Over blog where Mr Cassini decided to have yet another pop at Mark Iverson in a piece called Soccer in play. I won’t go into the full details here as I’m assuming […]

The Special one.

So a new manager and a dull uninteresting game with little or no ambition shown. Picking a team with a centreforward in this day and age just smacks of trying  to be too clever and  Jose Mourinho is certainly someone who thinks he is very clever. When the highlight of the first half is a repeat of  Jose looking for his pen you know that the game has been poor. The English media are utterly obsessed with him and its an utter  wank fest the second he opens his mouth. Dont get me wrong his record is second to none and he wins things but this is a man who […]

Whats your fantasy?

I did laugh recently when I saw this post on the always excellent Football Traders Path called “Wet Tits”. As  well as offering some excellent advice (to be fair it always does and  worth a read back through the archives) it also featured this: The rather strange title for this post comes as a result of looking at the stats on my blog. Of the Google searches that resulted in the user finding their way to my blog, two searches for “wet tits” strangely led those people to me. Of all the porn sites that this particular search should have pulled up, I do find that somewhat bizarre. Afterall, as […]

Jon Brookes RIP

This post was meant to be a really upbeat one after the weekend with the  Racing Posts Steve Palmer coming up trumps with “the Duffmeister” who put in a flawless last round display to land a big 2.5pt each way bet in the USPGA on Sunday. However the good news completly pales into  insignifiance with the news today that Charlatans drummer Jon Brookes died this morning aged 44. He leaves behind a wife and three daughters . When people who you have admired start to die and they are your age it makes you start to look at a few things differently. I must have seen the Charlatans about 25 […]

Rooney update

As a United fan I’m  fed up with Rooney- just go. Most football fans will be of the opinion that if a player doesnt want to play for you then get him out. Why he wants to is clearly explained in the diagram  which relates  to his latest injury. There aren’t  that many players who have gone on to better things after leaving United but at least his agent Mr Stretfoird will do well out it. As for Suarez the funniest thing about the whole incident  has  been listening to Liverpool fans ringing up Talksport to voice their displeasure at how he  has stated he wants to leave to go […]

Alive and Kicking

I loved Simple Minds back in the day before they got all stadium rock (the above song is a one of the worst examples) – The early stuff was quite groundbreaking and if you have a few quid to waste on ebay you could do worse than buy Empires and dance or Real to Real Cacophony. Quite groundbreaking. I digress. Absolutely nothing to do with betting. Anyway very few postings due to the fact Ive been on holiday and more importantly I’ve moved house. For those of you who enjoy maths equations here is a nice one for you to solve. x= Sky Tv +(BT+Orange/Broadband)(Sky+talk talk+ BT/Phone line)-Time/Opportunities. Answers on […]