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Hugh(e) Mistake?…..

Or was it just the benefit of hindsight? I’ve been searching in the Itunes store over the last couple of days to find the newly released hindsight “app” but as of yet no joy so I’ll just have to go on trusting my judgement. In my last blog post I stated this after I had referred to my perception that Hugh Taylor didn’t have as much of an “edge” when it came to the big meetings. I thought that this was on account of his  hand being forced somewhat by the fact that he had to focus on the big meetings. Here’s what I wrote: It’s Ascot this week and […]


So its day 4 of an extended Ascot ( rather stupidly it escaped me that the meeting had been extended to the Saturday this year) and with the bookmakers falling  over themselves to offer various incentives, price boosts and the like, its proving to be a good week.  Regular blog reader “Al” was kind enough to stop by and make a comment on the last post about my decision not to follow Hugh Taylors picks . AL says: June 18, 2013 at 8:08 am  (Edit) Good god man, not following your boy Taylor!?!? Here’s  what I had said: It’s Ascot this week and as I’ve previously mentioned I don’t think Hugh […]

Smelling of Roses

Congratulations to Justin Rose on winning the US open although ever so slightly annoying as  having checked the records he seems to have been picked by either of the two golf tipsters I follow in all of the recent decent sized tournaments and failed to convert after being in a decent position. Mind you with the sheer volume of selections (an average of 5 a week for each tournament per tipster) I suppose pretty much everyone will have been picked at some points! A very rare dud week for the golf picks from both Steve Palmer and Nics Picks (not even a hint of a place) but not often that […]

Wide Open

A fascinating start to the US Open with rain delays adding to the drama and it is quite literally wide open (see what I did there?) after the first round (well most of it- some players didn’t get to finish before it got dark). Not the best of starts for this weeks big picks from the Racing Post and Nics Picks ( Kooch and GMac) but someone quite rightly said once “that you dont win golf tournaments on the first day but you can certainly lose them” meaning that if you have a shocker on the first day you are constantly playing catch up. Two stand out points for me […]

Joost the job

Firstly can I just state that the picture here will be the last ever time that phrase is ever used on the blog.After being used here last week when I mentioned how it reeked of smugness I’ve gone and used it again. Why? Well, after last weeks great results from the (pretty much) free golf services that I follow they both followed it up with a pretty convincing winner in Austria. Joost Luiten always looked in control and as the only person who ever really got close was Roman Wattel (a 66/1  selection) it made for pleasant viewing. The American golf was a dud with none of the selections getting […]


What a terrible title and one that smacks of smugness. I do believe its what people post on certain forums when they have had a winner and is sometimes favoured by “aftertimers”  who are quite happy to post up winners but go conspicuously quite when they encounter a tough run. Well its was certainly a tough month for Bryan Nicholson over at Nic’s Picks with a deficit of 63 units before the weekends tournaments. This was corrected in spectacular fashion with two winners of the tournaments found and another couple of bets landed to harvest in 60 points and correct the months poor run. Well done to Bryan and as […]