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Palmers back (and for once the Racing post are sensible!)

A superb result at the weekend with Matteo Manassero landing a 66/1 bet for the racing posts Steve Palmer at the BMW Wentworth. I had genuinely thought that it was going to be a blank weekend for the RP man as a few of his picks flattered to deceive. Francesco Molinari was going really well and was leading until a  blow up around the turn on the third round (dropping 5 shots in five holes) saw him always  struggling to get back into contention. Paul Casey was another who was going really well (was seventh) until he completely ran out of steam on the back nine of round two and […]

Back with a bang

I realise fully that the featured picture here will mean nothing (probably) unless your one of the UK readership however it just made me laugh in a  “terrible sterotype but still amusing kind of way”.  The Champions League final should be a cracking occasion and with two very good teams will be one to watch (unless that is your wife has booked you to go out for dinner with the “inlaws !”) 🙁 Now I’ve thought about it I realise that the title of this blog could be misread by some people as being connected with the Germans but that not the case (if you didn’t even think about it […]

Garcias Tin cup

Tin Cup was a relatively successful film in the mid 90’s and would probably be nowadays referred to as a “romcom” but is actually not a bad little watch.  Here’s an overview: On the last day, Roy, Simms and real-life PGA Tour pro Peter Jacobsen (playing himself) are in a three-way battle to be the Open’s Champion. Jacobsen finishes with a par on 18, tied for the lead with Roy and one shot ahead of Simms. Simms yet again lays up at the 18th hole, playing it safe. Roy should do likewise, but over Romeo’s objections and urged by Molly to “go for it,” he takes his fateful shot which […]

Racing certainty

So it is indeed “Ta-ra Fergie ” although Pete Molynuex’s famous banner has taken 23 1/2 years longer to come true than he originally intended. I was at the game in December 1989 along with 33513  other sadists and its true to say that if we had all had a spare bedsheet on us then there may have been a few more scribbled on. The football United were playing at the time was pretty dire and losing to an average Crystal Palace 2-1 at home was, for many, the final straw. Probably one of the few things that may have saved Fergie from further fan abuse is that in the […]

Wiesberger the king for Steve Palmer

Wow. How about that for a contrived and corny headline? Perhaps my late bid to be the oldest ever sports editor of a tabloid is not yet over! To be honest though I don’t really care as the weekend delivered a very nice return to form for the Racing Posts resident golf expert Steve Palmer as he tipped Austrian Bernd Wiesberger for success in the Indonesian masters golf. In a tournament largely ignored by the big names Palmer’s write up in the Post was almost an afterthought at the bottom of the page which I almost missed, but  was glad I didn’t as the berger king just squeezed home by […]